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Blade Nzimande bitter over axing, fires back at Zuma

By BO Staff Writer

Blade Nzimande has come out guns blazing against President Jacob Zuma, making wild claims about corruption and state capture. The fake communist was foaming at the mouth yesterday in a South African Communist Party (SACP) rally in Durban, where he said all the allegations in the book, The President’s Keepers, by white journalist, Jacques Pauw, were true.

The book, which is a propaganda tool to discredit President Jacob Zuma by white monopoly capital, has been rubbished by progressives as a reflection of white arrogance and privilege. Many have asked why so many white journalists have dedicated their time, energy and money on books discrediting Jacob Zuma and the Guptas, while white-owned business get away with the corruption of billions. What do they stand to gain?

“We want to officially say as the SACP, go buy and read that book by Jacques Pauw, because half of the things he says are things we have been saying as the SACP, including the abuse of our intelligence services,” Nzimande said at the rally.

“We want to say to the ANC as it goes into conference, elect a leadership that is not going to abuse state institutions,” Nzimande said, seemingly taking a swipe at Zuma while also covertly campaigning for white monopoly capital’s preferred presidential candidate, Cyril Ramaphosa.

Nzimande’s vocality against Zuma was revived after the he was fired by the President from the Higher Education ministry for supporting and advocating for white monopoly capital. The minister was caught on camera sobbing after he was axed by Zuma.

The disgruntled Nzimande, who was once a staunch supporter of Zuma, is now opposing the president and denouncing radical economic transformation. Nzimande is one of the ministers who were bought by white monopoly capital to distabilise the progressive project of radical economic transformation within the ruling party.

Nzimande is obviously still hurt by being fired by Zuma. Now, the supposed communist is openly siding with anti-communist forces to destabilise the country.

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