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‘Stop the white monopoly capital witch hunt’, BLF warns parliament

By BO Staff Writer

The following article was previously published on 19 October 2017 on the BLF website and is reissued by BO.

Black First Land First (BLF) has given parliament and the Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises until 13:00 today to stop the current pro-white monopoly capital witch hunt. The hearing on Eskom’s so-called “state capture” is nothing but a ploy to absolve the massive corruption by white monopoly capital in that entity. Agents of white monopoly capital are leading the one sided biased media grand standing as part of inciting our people against radical economic transformation under the guise of fighting corruption.

The parliamentary hearings on Eskom are calculated to subvert the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into state capture which is likely to show that white monopoly capital is the most corrupt element of business. BLF has asked for the probe into so-called ‘state capture’ to be inclusive and not to target the Gupta related businesses as part of the battle to keep South Africa’s economy in white hands. The current hearings are materially flawed and contravene several legal processes.

BLF has asked parliament to stop all processes related to state capture and allow the Judicial Commission of Inquiry to be set up and its criteria must include all implicated in state capture from the Guptas to Johann Rupert. We can’t have a one sided process, the effect of which is to protect white monopoly capital.

BLF has given parliament and the portfolio committee until 13:00 today to stop the hearings or face a court application to compel it to do so.


19 October 2017

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