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Analysis: Zimbabwe – Did Donald Trump organise the coup?

By BO Staff Writer

Did the dim-witted American president, Donald Trump, organise the coup in Zimbabwe? Intelligence sources who spoke to Black Opinion on condition of anonymity allege that both the governments of the United States of America (USA) and Britain had a hand in developments in Zimbabwe.

The sources allege that the imperialist powers have been plotting with the former vice-president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, to topple the revolutionary government of President Robert Mugabe. The Mugabe administration had gathered enough counter-intelligence to know that Mnangagwa was taking instructions from London and Washington, forcing President Mugabe to act.

After being fired from cabinet by Mugabe, Mnangagwa fled to South Africa, from where he is alleged to have been advised and supported by both USA and British imperialist agents. It is also alleged that the former vice president met with known agents and stooges of Lord Robin Renwick, Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). This explains why Malema was quick to praise the coup.

The sources point to a tweet by the USA president as the smoking gun that the coup was an American and British affair. Trump tweeted shortly after the sacking of Mnangagwa that he was going to avenge the former vice president by removing President Mugabe. Trump seems to have made good on his promise.

Many anti-colonial African patriotic revolutionaries are asking if the 1980 revolution in Zimbabwe was betrayed. If the USA and British imperialism was involved in the coup, then Zimbabwe is being prepared to be a colony ran by a military dictator, like Pinochet was imposed in Chile by the USA.

The following signs would be good indicators if indeed the sources are correct. First, will Mnangagwa be officially announced interim president? Will he officially announce a transitional government with Morgan Tsvangirai, the USA and British agent? Will he postpone the Zanu-PF elective conference next month? Will he postpone the national elections scheduled for 2018? Will Mnangagwa promise reparations to colonialists who lost land in Zimbabwe? Will he call white farmers back?

Any combination of these questions being realised will indeed be enough corroboration of the information from the intelligence sources.

The last two questions are fundamental. Any call to give reparations to colonialists will be a sign that the revolution of 1980 was betrayed. Any calling of white farmers back will be a definite betrayal. The bringing back of Morgan Tsvangirai, who is in the political wilderness, would be evidence that Trump is in Zimbabwe through his proxies. If this is true, Zimbabwe must kiss democratic elections goodbye and prepare for an imperialist approved and organised military dictatorship.

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