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Malema gave Zille votes but won’t help Mngxitama against AfriForum

By Bo Staff Writer

Julius Malema continues to expose his ideological bankruptcy with glee. At The (Nandos) Gathering two days ago he revealed that the leader of Black First Land First (BLF), Andile Mngxitama, asked help from him to fight AfriForum. Malema told The Gathering that he received an e-mail from Mngxitama asking for cooperation between the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and BLF against the racist AfriForum. He was vehement in refusing any cooperation with Mngxitama whom he accused of being a lackey of the Guptas.

Malema’s ideological kwashiorkor makes him a man of rhetoric with no substance. He arrogantly refuses to join hands with fellow blacks against a common enemy. He is however happy to give help to whites against other blacks. How can Malema help Helen Zille by giving her black people’s votes but refuse to help Mngxitama against AfriForum? How is this revolutionary?

Malema has said that the Democratic Alliance (DA) is a party of white monopoly capital. He has again at The Gathering said the main enemy is white monopoly capital and that the Guptas are a mere irritation. If he means what he says, how then does he justify cooperation with the DA, a political party of white monopoly capital (being the main enemy) and yet refuse to cooperate with Mngxitama who according to Malema is a stooge of the Guptas who in turn is a “mere irritation”?

Malema is a conflicted man who doesn’t hear himself when he speaks. It is clear that he is conflicted at the instance of his anti black handlers, Lord Robin Renwick and Adriano Mazzotti. His handlers hate BLF and therefore he contradicts himself to serve them. Where has a party that claims to stand for black people ever refused to cooperate with other black parties against racism? Malema is happy to even march with AfriForum against President Jacob Zuma.

Also at The Gathering, Malema pretended to regret giving the DA votes. Truth is, he was warned by Mngxitama in an open letter not to give votes to the racist DA. But Renwick and Mazzotti forced him to surrender black votes to the anti black racist DA. There is nothing new that the DA is doing. Malema is trapped in a coalition with the DA and will vote for Mayor Herman Mashaba when the motion of no confidence against him comes up for a vote in the City of Johannesburg. Renwick will instruct him to do so.

The DA has unleashed a brutal season of evictions of black people in Tshwane and City of Jo’burg. The EFF is completely paralysed to defend black people. The DA is carrying out the programmes of white supremacy with the support of the EFF.

AfriForum is marching again and Malema has promised to mobilise a counter march. But as all will see, no such march will be led by Malema. So AfriForum will march peacefully in its apartheid festival while Malema on the other hand refuses to join hands with Mngxitama to fight the racist AfriForum. No single organisation can defeat racism in South Africa. Blacks must unite and fight the common enemy if we wish to defeat land thieves and white monopoly capital. Refusal to unite serves only white monopoly capital, which is the real enemy of black people. Malema, right now with his actions, is supporting white monopoly capital against blacks.



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