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EFF supports a white Miss Universe

By BO Staff Writer

In a shocking admiration of whiteness, Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) welcomed the victory of a white Miss Universe, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, representing South Africa.

Nel-Peters won the Miss South Africa beauty pageant and then went on to represent the country at the Miss Universe competition. The competition, which generally supports white, Western standards of beauty and which has been running for 65 years, has had only a handful of black women winning the title.

The same Nel-Peters which the EFF now supports was embroiled in a racism scandal when she visited an orphanage in Soweto and was touching the children and serving them food wearing lattex gloves.

The EFF claims to follow the teachings of Steve Biko and Black Consciousness but it has lost any, and all, ounces of it since it surrendered itself to the British crown in 2015. Many observers say the party has become a black version of the racist Demoractic Alliance (DA), which it has given political power in strategic metros.

The flip flopping of the EFF on the race question has made it a liberal pro-white organisation which occasionally spews radical rhetoric to keep its black supporters hoodwinked.

The EFF’s liberalism makes it fail to ask critical questions like how can a 90% black country be represented by a white woman, more so long before her people have returned the stolen land? How can anyone both accept & celebrate white representation and then turn around and complain about a lack of transformation? The EFF has become notorious for such ideological inconsistencies. Now it’s praising white women as representatives of a black country’s notion of beauty.

When approached for comment on the Miss Universe debacle, the Black First Land First (BLF) president, Andile Mngxitama, said BLF recognised the 2nd runner-up from Jamaica, as the true representative of black people.

“BLF will never valorise and uphold whiteness as a virtue. BLF will never accept colonizers and land thieves as representatives of the Black majority,” he said.

The marked differences in responding to the Miss Universe competition shows that nothing is outside of politics and ideology – beauty pageants included. The EFF’s stance has left many people wondering about what it really stands for.

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