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Robin Renwick orders Malema to vote for Mashaba

By BO Staff Writer

The British lord, Robin Renwick, is an angry man. Sources close to the representative of British imperialism claim that yesterday, Renwick ordered Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Leader, Julius Malema, to vote for Herman Mashaba and defend his mayorship in the upcoming vote of no confidence against him. Malema was also instructed to vote and defend the racist Democratic Alliance (DA) mayor in the Nelson Mandela metro, Athol Trollip.

During the Nandos Gathering event held in Sandton earlier in the week, Malema expressed deep regret for giving political power to the racist DA. The DA is violently evicting black people from land they have occupied in the metros. Two land occupiers were murdered by the DA controlled metro police in Johannesburg not long ago.

Malema has in the past threatened to pull out of the coalition if the DA didn’t remove Helen Zille as premier of the Western Cape for her tweets praising colonialism, but even then, Renwick ordered EFF to stay in the coalition.

Two DA governments in the metros are facing a crisis. There are motions of no confidence for the removal of DA mayor’s in the City of Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay. In both instances, only the EFF can save the DA. Malema will once again prop up the racist DA rule only because his London based handlers have instructed him to do so.

Black First Land First (BLF) has been calling on Malema to abandon London and to think about black interests first. BLF asked Malema on numerous occasions to break the DA coalition and give the ANC conditional power. There is nothing stopping EFF from demanding a stop to evictions as a condition for supporting the ANC. Furthermore, national policy changes can be part of the deal, including land expropriation without compensation within a specific period, the establishment of a state bank, free decolonial education, a minimum living wage of R12 500 and black ownership in the mining sector.

These are some of the demands that can be placed before the ANC. What benefits do blacks derive from giving political power to the DA? In fact, the spike in overtly violent incidents of racism can be directly linked to the fact that the DA now has political power in the metros – thanks to Malema. Today again, the EFF will be exposed as nothing but Renwick and Adriano Mazotti’s tools.

Today again, the will of the handlers, not the people, will prevail and the EFF will defend the DA.

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