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New SABC board has started the looting

By BO Staff Writer

The new South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) board, that took over six months ago, is milking the public broadcaster. The board is seen as agreeable to the agenda of the opposition parties who hated the former SABC head, Hlaudi Motsoeneng. Now reports show that the board doesn’t care for the SABC. In fact it has given itself R3.2 million which was shared amongst the five board members.

This new board, which is praised for being the leadership that will turn the SABC around, has indeed turned its own fortunes around. Each member has earned R640,000 for work done for six months. The worst development is that the board is looting the SABC while the broadcaster is in dire financial strains. The SABC has asked for a R3 billion bailout from the government. The workers have not received any increase in pay yet the board is paying itself handsomely.

Sources indicate that many people inside the SABC, who love and are loyal to the broadcaster, are already saying that they miss Hlaudi Motsoeneng. They say Motsoeneng put the interests of workers first. The new board has shown its true colours. Industry experts say that there is also a palpable editorial policy at the SABC. The indications are that more airtime will be given to pro white monopoly capital news and political parties.

The looting has started. It seems institutionalised and that it will be covered up nicely as salaries. What is clear is that the new SABC board puts itself before the interets of its staff and the public.

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