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Women are not safe with Cyril Ramaphosa

By BO Staff Writer

Rape is a serious matter which must never be taken lightly nor used in opportunistic political battles. The Deputy President and one of the frontrunners in the ANC presidential race, Cyril Ramaphosa, now says he believes Fezekile Kuzwayo – also known as Khwezi, was raped by President Jacob Zuma.

Khwezi is the woman who accused President Jacob Zuma of rape. Although Zuma was acquitted in 2006 after a lengthy trial, the allegations still remain a dark cloud over him, as the thorny subject continues to split opinions.

Ramaphosa has revelead that he believes Khwezi a week before the ANC elective conference – after years of silence and inaction. Talking to Radio702 host, Karima Brown (a one-time praise singer of President Zuma and now turned bitter anti-Zuma crusader in aide of white monopoly capital), Ramaphosa told listeners that he believes Khwezi was raped.

Khwezi passed away last year. She can no longer speak for herself. President Zuma’s detractors have assumed the role of being her spokespersons. This would be all right if only they were not doing this to drive an anti-radical economic transformation agenda. The horrible ordeal Khwezi suffered is being abused for opportunistic reasons.

We all know that Brown did not walk away from supporting President Zuma because of the rape claims. This is true for another former sycophant, turned bitter opponent, Ranjeni Munusamy. Ramaphosa also never declined to serve in a cabinet appointed by President Zuma.

Brown and Munusamy defected to white monopoly capital after their expectations of being rewarded for supporting President Zuma were not met. So the question posed by Brown to Ramaphosa about the rape was not about the well being of the late Khwezi, but about trying to push Ramaphosa ahead in the coming ANC contest. This is despicable and should be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

The interview on Radio702, an aggressively pro-white station, was meant to scandalise President Zuma. The interview, however, backfired. The interview actually exposes Ramaphosa as a man who doesn’t care for the well being of women generally. If, as he claims, he believed that Khwezi was raped, what did he do about it? So Ramaphosa actually accepted to serve as deputy president to a man he believes is a rapist? So Ramaphosa has no problems sitting in cabinet for years with a rapist? Ramaphosa is ok to keep quiet in the face of wrongdoing?

We can only shudder to imagine the kind of men Ramaphosa will appoint to his cabinet. If he has no qualms working side by side with someone he regards as a rapist, then we may as well expect him to be a president who will appoint rapists to his cabinet. Ramaphosa has no moral dilemma with the scourge of rape.

It must be remembered that Ramaphosa has just been outed as a serial womanizer who seems to particularly get a kick out of making his lovers grovel. He seems to have a fetish for demeaning performances. Add to this his nonchalant attitude towards people he regards as rapists, then we have a predator waiting to be president of the country.

No woman will be safe when Ramaphosa is president and Karima Brown knows this.

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