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Why is the EFF afraid of an expanded State Capture Commission?

By BO Staff Writer

As expected the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have come out against the possible expansion of the terms of reference for the state capture commission of inquiry, also known as the Zondo Commission. The EFF has, for a while now, been the bulldog of white monopoly capital. The fear of the EFF, which is funded on the basis of protecting white monopoly capital through demonising the Guptas and President Jacob Zuma, is that an expanded judicial commission of inquiry will expose how corrupt white capital is.

An expanded terms of reference will be a clear sign that EFF has failed to deflect attention from white monopoly capital. White monopoly capital will then likely stop funding the EFF because it shall have proven to have failed to protect the likes of Johann Rupert and Christo Wiese.

Such a commission would most certainly show that the biggest state looters are not the Guptas but rather, white monopoly capital, which has captured the state since 1652!

The resistance to have a commission that deals with all corruption by EFF is not out of principle but self interest. Besides protecting white monopoly capital, the EFF is concerned that a broader commission will also look into the corruption of its leader, Julius Malema, who is known to have bankrupted the coffers of the Limpopo government. That corruption investigation ended in thin air under questionable circumstances.

The EFF is likely to resist tooth and nail a judicial commission that will deal with all corruption. The fate of the EFF leader is linked in troubling ways with the fate of white monopoly capital.

It is expected that EFF and other pro-white monopoly capital groups like the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the South African Communist Party (SACP) may even try launch a court challenge to try stop the commission from investigating white monopoly capital corruption.

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