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How the most popular contraceptive increases chances of HIV infection

By BO Staff Writer

Since around 2012, researchers have known that one of South Africa’s most commonly used contraceptive‚ and by default, most used by Black women, the Depo Provera injection‚ increases the risk of contracting HIV.

The contraceptive method is freely available in all government health facilities, where a majority of Black women get their contraception. According to reports, “about half of women accessing government contraception have at least once used the long-acting injection‚ according to a 2017 study in the South African Medical Journal.”

There is a direct correlation between HIV infection and the use of this drug. Depo Provera is the most popular birth control method in Southern Africa, which also has the highest rates of HIV in the world.

Researchers say the injection could make it up to 40% easier to contract HIV‚ due to the injection containing a synthetic hormone called medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA), which weakens the immune system and allows for the virus to enter the body more easily.

The manufacturer of the injection, a corrupt American based pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer‚ denies the drug is dangerous. As expected, the company is only interested in profit making. Pfizer is also implicated in inflating the prices of cancer drugs. The drugs Pfizer produces weaken immune systems, making it easier for people to contract diseases like cancer, which Pfizer profits from. It’s an evil cycle of making Black people sick and then white monopoly capital benefiting financially from that sickness.

The injection is taken once every three months. Depo Provera, as the injection is commonly known, is widely used by Black and poor women because it reduces the frequency and amount of money they need to pay to travel to a clinic. It is also widely used by women who don’t want their male partners, who may have economic dominance over them, to know they are on birth control.

The war on black bodies is multifaceted and the health sector is one of the many ways white monopoly capital poisons and kills large amounts of unsuspecting black people. The longer white monopoly capital continues to exert dominance in all sectors of the society, the more black people will die slow deaths.

More trials are still being conducted to see “if” the drug really does increase the risk of contracting HIV. In the mean time, there is no way of telling how many more black women will face the very real risk of contracting HIV. This is a genocide!

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