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Go back home to Europe

By BO Staff Writer

The Australian government has recently called on South African white land thieves to go to Australia. Black First Land First (BLF), the radical black consciousness movement, correctly responded that “Australia has no right to invite more settler colonialists to Australia, a country that they have stolen from the indegenious people!”

All land in white hands in South Africa (SA) was stolen from black people. To this end South African white farmers are land thieves from Europe. Therefore, all white people who hold land are in possession of stolen property. Justice will only prevail once the land which was stolen from the black majority is returned. However, thieves are not known to be generous people who voluntarily return stolen goods.

These land thieves must heed the call of the Australian government and leave SA . They must however go to Europe, not to any other colonised country like Australia! In this context the message of Black Opinion’s cartoonist Baloyi is instructive on the subject – it’s simple, go back home to Europe!


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