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Think again before you believe anything Malema says

By BO Staff Writer

No value can be attached to the utterances of the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF), Julius Malema. He has long acquired the reputation of someone who generally flip flops on positions about anything. Elsewhere, BO has consistently pointed out the countless instances of contradicting himself on strategic and other matters of his party in service of white monopoly capital (WMC). Following the announcement on Friday by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) head, Shaun Abrahams, regarding the prosecution of former President Jacob Zuma – Malema expectedly flip flopped yet again on his previous position regarding the charges against Zuma.

Let’s look at the then and now scenario on the subject matter. Malema, while he was President of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) in 2009, reportedly said that the NPA “must save the country by dropping graft charges against presidential front-runner Jacob Zuma”. He further warned “[w]e are not retreating from our call that the NPA must drop charges because there are no winnable charges against the president of the ANC”.

Fast forward, and post the above announcement by the NPA head, Julius Malema does an about-turn on the same issue. This is what he said:

“The EFF welcomes the decision by NPA to proceed with charges against Jacob Zuma so he can have his day in court. This decision comes after many years of manipulation of legal processes to try and avoid this inevitable eventuality. This included Zuma’s review application that the charges be set aside. The Zuma corruption trial will indeed provide a neutral platform for all matters relating to his charges to be ventilated as explained by the NDPP, and finally brought to a close”.

Julius Malema has lost all credibility. There are serious material contradictions and inconsistencies in his first statement when compared to the latter one. Each time he speaks we must ask, how truthful is he? He has thus far not made a good impression by consistently contradiction himself in full view of the public. No weight can be attached to what he says, more especially when he tries to call the credibility of someone (like Jacob Zuma) into question. Malema has no credibility!

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