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Honor Sharpeville, Arrest de Klerk!b

The following statement was first published on the Black First Land First website and is now reissued by Black Opinion:

Today Black First Land First (BLF) marks Sharpeville Day with two calls. The first is that apartheid’s last President and mass murderer FW de Klerk must be arrested for all the atrocities that his regime committed against black people. The second call is that now is the time for the Azanian Front to foster and realize unity in action against the settler colonial order.

BLF opened a case of murder and conspiracy to murder against FW de Klerk and his Minister of Police, Adrian Vlok, in May 2017. The case was opened at the Hilbrow Police Station and subsequently transferred to the Sebokeng Police Station. There has since been no further developments on the case on the part of the police.

This is surprising, given the fact that BLF provided the police with a detailed statement on the crimes against our people committed by de Klerk. There is even video material that corroborates the evidence led and adduced during the proceedings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) against the de Klerk regime.

BLF calls on the Minister of Police, Mr Bheki Cele, to intervene and make sure that the apartheid mass murderer is brought to book. It makes no sense to put the former President Jacob Zuma who is black on trial and let the mass murderer de Klerk who is white enjoy all the perks of a former State President in peace. This is what increases white arrogance and individual acts of racism.

FW de Klerk killed over 5000 blacks in just 3 years! Between 1990 and 1993 over 5000 black people were murdered by de Klerk’s police.

As we mark Sharpeville Day, we must remember that de Klerk murdered children in defence of apartheid. We remember the Umtata killings of 8 October 1993 when five youth were murdered when the South African Defence Force (SADF) raided what was alleged to have been an APLA base in Mpendulo, Northcrest in Umtata.

We remember the 17 year old twins Sadat and Samora Mpendulo; and their 12 year old cousin Mzwandile Mfeya.

We also remember 12 year old Sandiso Yose; and 17 year old Thando Mthembu who were cowardly murdered by de Klerk in their sleep in Mthatha on that unforgettable day in 1993. Their deaths shall not be in vain. FW de klerk must be arrested for these atrocities.

FW de Klerk was a master of massacres! All his massacres were committed in defence of apartheid. BLF demands action now! Makabotshwe uDe Klerk!

We note furthermore that the impunity accorded to the de Klerk regime on the Sharpeville massacre has normalised murdering blacks with no consequences. It’s failure to account for the Sharpeville massacre has led to all the further massacres, including the Marikana massacre. As we speak 183 people have died from listeriosis and over 1000 more people – mostly blacks – have been infected with the disease. Yet again, no action has been taken despite BLF opening a case of murder against the perpetrators being four WMC entities, namely Tiger Brands and its subsidiary Enterprise Foods; as well as Remgro (owned by Johann Rupert) and its subsidiary Rainbow Chicken.

FW de Klerk must be arrested so that impunity can come to an end. BLF will be taking multiple actions to ensure that de Klerk is arrested.

The second message BLF wishes to convey today is that its about time that all the Black Consciousness and Pan Africanist organisations set up the Azanian Front. BLF is a Black Consciousness and Pan Africanist movement. It brings Biko and Sobukwe under one roof – where they belong.

The Black Consciousness and Pan Africanist organisations have allowed themselves to be devided for far too long! We must establish the Azanian Front without further delay. We are talking about a fighting front! A front to educate and agitate towards a Black Socialist Azania.

BLF expresses its appreciation for the efforts by the PAC to invite all the formations of the Azanian School. We have to emphasize our common interests and minimise that which divides us. We agree on the return of the land!

It must be pointed out that it was just two months after killing the sleeping youth in the Umtata raid that FW De Klerk received the Nobel Peace Prize together with Nelson Mandela on the 10th of December 1993. Thereafter he went to Desmond Tutu in the TRC to say “SORRY”. And that was it – just like that, life continued! Today South Africans via the Ramaphosa regime, which is in service of WMC, are prosecuting Jacob Zuma but lets Steinhoff for its multi billion rand corruption, Ramaphosa for the Marikana massacre and the four WMC entities mentioned above for murdering over 183 people who died of listeriosis, off the hook. This makes South Africans – for allowing this to happen – hypocrites, sheep, cowards and mentally enslaved!

BLF shall write to the Noble Peace Prize committee to demand that it recalls the peace prize given to the mass murderer, de Klerk. We shall ask the committee if it considers murdering black people part of its understanding of peace.

Land is the rallying point for the Azanian Front. We are all agreed umhlaba ngowethu!

Only the Black Consciousness and Pan Africanist perspectives can help return the land and expose the fraud being concocted in parliament. There will be no amendment of section 25 of the Constitution in 2018. It is all a political game for elections. But also listen carefully, both Malema and Ramaphosa are agreed that we African people must be given reject land. Both of these gentlemen are committed to defending the racist colonial white owned agricultural sector. We want all the land returned to black hands.

BLF calls on all the progressive and conscious people to help us put de Klerk behind bars. That’s the best trubute we can give to the heroes and heroines of Sharpeville Day.

21 March 2018

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