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News that will never make the Sunday headlines

By BO Staff Writer

1. Sunday Times racism against black journalists

The South African white owned media operates like the mafia. This bogus media never reports on itself. Senior black journalists at Sunday Times have been served their owm medicine when they found themselves victims of racism as they always whitewash for their boses. But their cry for justice was met with total censorship in the media.

The Sunday Times black senior investigative journalists, like the much praised and award winning Mzilikazi wa Africa and the militiant defender of his white bosses Sabelo Skiti, were tasked by fellow black journalists to write a letter of complaints to the management of Sunday Times. After dispatching the said letter, management disregarded their complaints. The journalists then leaked the letter to the media with the hope of gaining public sympathy. But no one from the mainstream media touched the story. Whites don’t care if you served them loyally.

Amongst the complaints contained in the letter is that white mediocre journalists are headhunted at very high salaries compared to the black “senior investigative” journalists that get peanuts. An example of whites getting a monthly salary of R100 000 versus a black getting R20 000 was made.

Black journalists are getting starvation salaries which makes them vulnerable to bribes. Some senior investigative journalist at Sunday Times have been accused of being on the payroll of corrupt politicians. Now it all makes sense. The poor journalists are being starved.

It is clear that white monopoly capital (WMC) used the black journalists against Jacob Zuma and they are now discarded like used byproducts. The saddest part of this saga is the media censorship of the story. Some observers say that its a case of one tasting one’s own bitter medicine.

2. Media houses fined for corruption

A big story censored for over two weeks by media houses is the fact that the Competition Commission’s investigation has found massive corruption by media houses. These media houses again, including crusaders against corruption like the Mail & Guardian and the Sunday Times, were found guilty and each paid an equivalent of an admission of guilt fine.

The biggest and most vindictive crusader against President Zuma, Media 24, which is owned by the apartheid propaganda arm, Naspers, has also paid an admission of guilt fine. The silence on the story tells how the media pursues opponents of its bosses like the Guptas but say nothing about the corruption of WMCl.

What the corruption admission of the white owned media (exposed via the Competition Commission) shows is that there is widespread corruption by WMC which is never reported on. Imagine if the Competition Commission had found Gupta-linked businesses to be corrupt, it would have made front page news.

Every time you read the City Press, Sowetan, Sunday Times and Mail & Guardian remind yourself that you are reading publications whose owners are as corrupt as the politicians they hate so much.

3. Jacob Zuma charges based on a bogus forensic report by KPMG

The media has gone dead silent on the fact that the 18 charges against President Zuma are based on the forensic report by the discredited KPMG. There has been a frenzy whipped by the media to create the impression that finally corruption is being dealt with. This is a false narrative to cover-up the real corruption of WMC.

The problem with the demonization of Jacob Zuma as the most corrupt person in South Africa (SA) is that such a characterization crumbles easily when subjected to basic critical analysis. The media has created a fig leaf to cover the real corruption in society which is the monopoly of white capital in SA.

First the media as well as bought opposition parties peddled the lie that Zuma was facing 783 charges. They knew that this was wrong but pushed the lie nonetheless for propaganda purposes.

The lie is that the charges against Zuma are based on a forensic report by KPMG which in turn is known to cook forensic reports. KPMG executives had to resign not long ago because of the controversy around forensic reports. Black First Land First (BLF) has marched to the KPMG head office to demand that the bogus forensic report contrived to concoct charges against former President Zuma, be withdrawn in the same way that the forensic report on the corruption of Pravin Gordhan at the South African Reserve Bank (SARS) was withdrawn.

4. The land expropriation without compensation fraud

It has now emerged that there will be no amendment of section 25 of the Constitution to effect land expropriation without compensation (LEWC). The parliamentary committee tasked with handling the motion on LEWC has now clarified that it will not be making suggestions let alone drafting amendments to the Constitution.

The Constitutional Review Committee will only be undertaking road shows to hear the views of citizens. This means that the process towards amending the Constitution has not started and will not be anywhere near completion by the next elections in 2019. This is besides the fact that both the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the African National Congress (ANC) are agreed that in the event that LEWC was to be made law, only “unused land” must be expropriated.

The motion tabled in parliament as one of LEWC should have been called “a motion on road shows to ask for public comment on land expropriation without compensation.” The media is hiding the truth about the fraud agreed to in parliament by politicians to dupe the people for votes.

5. State owned entities being surrendered to whites

Cyril Ramaphosa is surrendering the state to whites. Sources say that Ramaphosa is taking direct instructions from the Stellenbosch mafia. The plan is for WMC to take over all the strategic State Owned Entities (SOEs) such as Eskom, the South African Airways (SAA), the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) and SARS.

Ramaphosa is on the fast lane replacing blacks with whites who are approved by the Stellenbosch mafia across all the SOEs. The most glaring examples of the whitening of SOEs was displayed at the SABC where the veteran and well liked radio anchor Sakina Kamwendo is destined to be replaced by the mediocre Steve Grootes. Also head hunted was the mediocre white television journalist, Jeremy Maggs. These white men are known unapologetic defenders of WMC.

As if changes at the SABC were not bad enough, the Stellenbosch mafia struck at SARS and replaced the highly successful Tom Moyane with a mediocre under qualified known stooge of of the said mafia.

Sources close to the Stellenbosch mafia say that businessmen like Johann Rupert, Christo Wiese and Markus Jooste are worried that Ramaphosa may not see the second term in office and therefore want the consolidation of WMC in all state institutions without delay. The visit by the World Bank is part of the plan to privatize SOEs.