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Why was Tom Moyane pushed?

By BO Staff Writer

Tom Moyane is being punished by the Stellenbosch mafia to protect Pravin Gordhan. Basically Gordhan, as the former head of the South African Revenue Services (SARS), had set up an illegal unit to spy on targeted individuals and other government arms such as the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA). The unit, which has been exposed by the Sunday Times and became known as the “rogue unit” by the media, operated under the false name “Project Sunday Evenings”. But this story has been systematically killed by the media.

One of the targets of the “rogue unit” was President Zuma. The unit was set up by Pravin Gordhan. It was moreover approved and funded by the then Minister of Finance and a good friend of Pravin, Trevor Manuel. The “rogue unit” also spied on the NPA regarding the Jackie Selebi prosecution. This was a mafia like operation with Gerrie Nel as one of its co-conspirators. Nel basically teamed up with the SARS “rogue unit” to spy on his own colleagues at the NPA. He was the SARS “rogue unit” mole inside the NPA.

The “rogue unit” was an unlawful operation. At least three independent investigations have arrived at the determination that Pravin Gordhan acted like a common Durban gangster with the assistance of Trevor who acted like a mongrel gang member from the Cape Flats.

Three independent investigations corroborated each other regarding the unlawful actions of the “rogue unit”. The investigations included one by a retired judge; one by senior counsel; and one by the often Acting Judge, Muzi Sikhakhane. These investigations were corroborated by a KPMG forensic report which confirmed that Pravin Gordhan is a thug.

Like a true thug affair the gangsters started the cover-up mission earnestly. First they got the editor of Sunday Times who published the expose, fired. Then they pushed out of Sunday Times senior investigative journalists working on the story, such as Piet Rampedi. A new and pliant editor was hired who promptly recanted the Sunday Times reports on the “rogue unit” and apologized to Pravin Gordhan. The Sunday Times was now armed strongly to distance itself from a year long investigation.

To top it up, Johann Rupert donated over R2 billion to the SundayTimes owners and they in turn made him businessman of the decade. The media cover-up was complete.

The gang turned to others and the house of Sikhakhane was burgled. Threats made flew. At the same time KPMG was commissioned by SARS to do a forensic report on the “rogue unit”. The final forensic report of KPMG also found that indeed Pravin is a common thug. The media was in a conundrum. So to shift focus from Gordhan, KPMG came under attack for its supposed Gupta links. Executives were fired. In the midst of all this, the SARS forensic report was withdrawn. Smoke and mirrors.

There was one problem. The new SARS boss, Tom Moyane, seemed to have been adamant that the “rogue unit” saga must be addressed. When KPMG withdrew its forensic report for no reason, Monyane threatened legal action. WMC was not happy at all that the criminal behaviour of Pravin Gordhan was confirmed by an institution of WMC. Action had to be taken.

After the unexplained withdrawal of the forensic report, a big media frenzy on the Gupta links with KPMG was created to divert attention but Moyane remained a problem – he refused to back off. So another thug scheme was hatched to get rid of Moyane so that the criminal actions of Pravin Gordhan can be finally put under the carpet. But WMC and Pravin had a small problem. Moyane had the protection of former President Zuma. So they couldn’t move on him except through media attacks, which he handled quite well.

So when the ANC elective conference was bought by Stellenbosch, it meant that Moyane no longer had protection against the gangsters. The suspension of Tom Moyane as boss of SARS was the last nail in the coffin to burry the stench of the rotting corpse of the “rogue unit”. Moyane’s insistance on transparency and accountability basically cost him his job. The instruction to fire Moyane was no doubt shot from Stellenbosch. Now that Pravin Gordhan is home free, the privatisation of State Owned Entities by Stellenbosch can begin. The loot is completed.


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