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Remove racist, sexist Lamberti from Eskom board NOW – BLF

By BO Staff Writer

The following statement was first published on the Black First Land First website and is now reissued by Black Opinion:

Black First Land First (BLF) is appalled by the failure of the Minister of Public Enterprises, Pravin Gordhan, to remove the racist and sexist Mark Lamberti from the Eskom Board of Directors. Lamberti has been found by the High Court to be both racist and sexist yet Gordhan pretends this is nothing.

Pravin Gordhan and Cyril Ramaphosa are quick to act on black people, and even break the law in the process, but are reluctant to remove whites from office who are found guilty of serious crimes. Lamberti has been found guilty of racism and sexism yet Pravin Gordhan has kept him in the Board of Directors of Eskom. Their reluctance to remove whites when compared with the speed at which they removed Matshela Koko and Tom Moyane without following due process, shows that the “New Deal” is about serving white monopoly capital (WMC) at the expense of black people.

Gordhan is insulting black people with his delaying tacitics of claiming to seek legal advise to decide on the course of action to take against Lamberti regarding the High Court’s ruling on his offensive conduct. Racism and sexism are serious crimes, worse than any claim of corruption. But because Pravin Gordhan hates black people, he chooses to underplay racism and sexism.

BLF gives Pravin Gordhan and the Eskom board five days to remove Mark Lamberti from the Eskom Board of Directors. Should they fail to comply with our demand, we shall take the necessary action to physically remove Lamberti from any Eskom board meeting or related activities.

It is indeed shocking that Eskom has become a place of racism and looting for WMC. BLF will not allow it.

Issued by the National Executive Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

4 April 2018

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