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NPA use Guptas to divert attention from state looting by WMC

By BO Staff Writer

Another week, another highly publicized raid was executed on the Gupta family home in Saxonwold. It is becoming increasingly clear that each time white monopoly capital (WMC) is about to loot the state, they engineer a process to spotlight the Guptas into the public sphere through the media. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has become a willing servant of the Stellenbosch mafia led by Johann Rupert and supported by Cyril Ramaphosa and Pravin Gordhan.

The recent raid on the Gupta home to execute a preservation order, coincides with the corruption engineered through Ramaphosa’s pro WMC investment team of four “special envoys on investment”; the selling off of Eskom; and the submission of South Africa (SA) to the British throne, amongst others.

In this context raids on the Gupta home, which have become common, are not in pursuance of any criminal charge but in furtherance of executing the preservation order. The media is deliberately not explaining the difference. The intention is to demonize the Guptas as criminals, even before any court of law has arrived at that determination.

The NPA has become an expert in getting preservation orders under false pretexts. A few months ago, the Supreme Court ordered the NPA to pay Atul Gupta back his R10 million which was previously frozen through a fraudulently obtained preservation order.

Each time there is a raid on the Gupta family home, you must ask yourself what bigger crime is being committed by WMC which in turn is using the raid to divert your attention. The WMC media has become a great agent of covering up the looting of the state by WMC itself. The NPA no longer pretends to be neutral. It has become the private prosecuting authority for WMC so as to harras those who are seen as a threat to the interests of Stellenbosch.


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