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Ramaphosa openly giving state to WMC

By BO Staff Writer

The state is gone! The pro white monopoly capital (WMC) President of South Africa (SA) Cyril Ramaphosa, is surrendering the state to the Stellenbosch mafia and global capitalism. If there was any doubt about this, his announcement of his investment drive on Monday night killed such doubts. Ramphosa unleashed a highly conflicted team of “investment emissaries” to ostensibly raise investments abroad.

These emissaries are Trevor Manuel, the former Minister of Finance; Mcebisi Jonas, the former Deputy Minister of Finance; Phumzile Langeni, the Executive Chair of the Afropulse Group; and Jacko Maree, the chairperson of the Liberty Group and former head of Standard Bank. Furthermore they are coordinated by Ramaphosa’s economic adviser Trudi Makhaya who, amongst other things, was previously a non-executive director at MTN South Africa as well as Vumelana Advisory Fund and manager or consultant at AngloGold Ashanti.

All put together, how is this not state capture? We have two ministers with an ex Director General (DG) who works for a bank; a bank Chief Executive Officer (CEO); a bank chairman; and a former Deputy Minister who chaired the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) which is a major investor in these banks.

The “thumamina” team shows that Ramaphosa has licence to be corrupt. The media was not asking any questions about the deeply conflicted team that includes husbands, wives and friends. The state will pay for a process which is led by the private sector.

To understand how bad this new drive of the consolidation of state capture is, ask yourself how you would have reacted if President Zuma had included the Guptas in a drive for investments.

According to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) initiative, the definition of corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. Ramaphosa is openly involved in corruption via putting the interests of WMC ahead of that of the country.

The investment drive is nothing but a strategy to ensure that the privatisation of the State Owned Entities is speedily facilitated and European as well as American corporations remain the main beneficiaries. It doesn’t make sense to talk about raising an investment of R1.2 trillion from abroad – yet the same WMC companies are given R1.4 trillion of state funds through the independent power producers (IPPs) process involving the conclusion of contracts signed by the Minister of Energy, Jeff Radebe

Cyril Ramaphosa is bowing before the queen of England as a sign of surrendering our country through the ruse of investments. SA is gone! If we don’t do something urgently to stop Ramaphosa and his gang, there will be no state assets left in the next two years.