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EFF is finished!

By BO Staff Writer

The Queen of Great Britain has decided to end the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). Sources close to Julius Malema say that he was forced by London’s Lord Robin Renwick to bow down to Cyril Ramaphosa. Renwick was sent to South Africa (SA) last week by the Queen. Malema was accordingly compelled to write a letter to Cyril Ramaphosa asking for a meeting. Renwick wanted written proof that the EFF was ready to serve Cyril Ramaphosa. He will use the letter as evidence to prove to the Queen that his mission was accomplished.

London had gotten tired of Malema’s unpredictable behaviour. It must be remembered that the EFF had stormed out of the inauguration of Cyril Ramaphosa as President of the country. Sources confirm that Renwick then rebuked Malema on the phone. Malema subsequently instructed his Members of Parliament (MPs) to cheer Ramaphosa on his State of the Nation Address (SONA) – this was an instruction from London.

London is worried that Cyril Ramaphosa is weak and consequently will not make it to serve as President of SA for two terms. London and Stellenbosch are agreed that Julius Malema siding with Cyril Ramaphosa is necessary to ensure that the “New Dawn” lasts longer. There is real fear that the pro Radical Economic Transformation (RET) forces inside the African National Congress (ANC) may topple Ramaphosa too soon.

The other point of concern by London is that if Malema is not forced to choose the side of Ramaphosa he may be poached by the Deputy President of the country, DD Mabuza. White monopoly capital (WMC) doesn’t trust the crafty Mabuza.

Both London and Stellenbosch see Malema as the man to save WMC from the Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma (NDZ) forces which want radical change. Malema can delay real change by feeding the people rhetoric while acting to protect the interests of WMC.

Sources say that London was impressed with how Malema managed to fool the landless of SA with his meaningless motion on land expropriation without compensation (LEWC) in Parliament. The landless were made to believe that there will be an amendment to the Constitution to effect LEWC when in fact there will only be a roadshow which will help defuse the impatience for land return without payment.

Malema is said to have pledged his allegiance to the British throne in October 2015 after a series of secret meetings in London. The trip was reported to have been funded by a section of WMC banking, the First National Bank (FNB).

Sources say that Renwick is satisfied that Malema will wind down the EFF. The only thing outstanding now is the modality of when this will happen. Julius Malema wants to contest the 2019 elections as EFF and then go into a coalition with Cyril Ramaphosa. London however wants him to rejoin the ANC before the 2019 elections.

Sources further reveal that Malema is now defeated and will do whatever London wants of him. The corruption and fraud charges are used to force Malema to bow down to every demand of London. Apparently, even his lawyers have warned him that he has a real chance of going to prison. Malema fears nothing more than prison so he will comply with London’s instructions and Ramaphosa will in turn squash the criminal charges.

Sources say this is the end of EFF.


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