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Our freedom remains in London – we in trouble

By BO Staff Writer

The following article by Motapo we Zigidi was previously published on the Africa News 24-7 website and is now reissued by Black Opinion:

Sometimes when you hear stories on Facebook or Twitter you don’t always take them as they are. Last week there were reports that Lord Renwick was in the country. The story went as far as suggesting that he was here to issue direct orders to the likes of Julius Malema in terms of what to do next.

The story sounded quite bizarre as when I first heard that former public protector batted for a hostile side.

Well, well! Lord Renwick is truly in the country. Guess who couldn’t hide her excitement at seeing him? It is the very same lady who “defied” her party the DA to be with Malema at old Winnie’s house in Brandfort, FS.

That is Patricia de Lille.

She posted a photo with Lord Robin Renwick and wrote “Lord Renwick, former UK Ambassador to SA, dedicated his book “How to Steal a Country” to Thuli Madonsela and the immense contribution she has made to our beautiful South Africa.”
She also congratulated him on his new book “How to Steal a Country”. And also said, “I want to thank him for the contribution he made to SA in the fight against apartheid and with the dawn of democracy.”

It sadly looks like political consciousness deserted De Lille donkey years ago. One person added, “It’s very sad for a former ‘Pan Africanist’ if she ever was. We need to ask ourselves where did she get that Arms Deal dossier?”

Another person reacted angrily, “Let the DA deal with you harshly, I wasted my sympathy on you now I know who you really are…”

Lord Renwick is known for playing a huge role in influencing South African politics. One person says Lord Renwick is the “modern day Francis Farewell a British agent who disguised himself as a trader until he dislodged him through sawing divisions in Zulu royal family.”

With his book strangely titled: “How to steal a country” wants to tell us how Guptas “captured” our country. When we said the Gupta narrative was sponsored to create fear in South Africa, we were told we ate curry. What exactly did Guptas steal in comparison to the English in the past 300 years? This is quite rich coming from a man who convinced, among others, Nelson Mandela and the ANC not to nationalize the mines. Lord Renwick is that man who met with EFF leadership in London and instructed them to go after Jacob Zuma, Guptas and Bell Pottinger.

He is here in South Africa to celebrate the new victories made…
We don’t have to tell the story again that certain individuals are sponsored in London, and that they are part of a bigger scheme to make sure that this country does not get under control of the African majority.

The EFF and the ANC know exactly what this means.We are in serious shit, our freedom is still in St. Helena, deep in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Black Jack is planted right in the heart of our land. People are busy spitting on the faces of our ancestors who fought and perished in the hands of marauding British criminals.

Fighters still have wool on their eyes, Malema is just another homeland leader. Mama, mama! Voetsek with your crocodile tears.

But we told you!

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