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De Lille abandoned by Renwick & Zille

By BO Staff Writer

It is now a question of when the mayor of Cape Town is going to leave office. The cat and mouse war between Patricia de Lille and the Democratic Alliance (DA) is now almost over after the Cape Town council voted with a big majority against it’s mayor. Helen Zille finally has the scalp of her intra party nemesis.

Sensing the gathering of vultures De Lille made one desperate move in an attempt to save her political skin. She showered praises on Lord Robin Renwick with an embarrassing lack of restrain. De Lille presented the arch colonialist and universally hated Lord Robin Renwick as a freedom fighter who helped South Africa (SA) defeat apartheid. How can a British servant be in any way credited for ending apartheid? Many were left confused by De Lille’s irrational genuflection to the British throne.

It appears that De Lille, like Julius Malema, believes that she has the backing of Robin Renwick.

What the both of them don’t know is that for Renwick, blood is thicker than water. Renwick would under no circumstances choose a black ahead of a white person.

Now Patricia de Lille must pack her belongings and leave office. She is abandoned by her protectors Helen Zille and the British throne servant, Lord Robin Renwick.

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