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Twitter demands Juju vs Mngxitama debate

By BO Staff Writer

Calls for a public televised debate between Black First Land First (BLF) president, Andile Mngxitama and “mini-Hitler” Julius Malema, have been mounting on the popular social network, Twitter. Tweets calling for a #JujuVsMngxitama debate, have been met with alot of support, with some saying it would be great progress for the land struggle.

The mounting calls for a #JujuVsMngxitama debate come after Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) deputy president, Floyd Shivambu avoided the land debate, with the consensus being that Shivambu ran away from debating the BLF President out of fear that he would have mopped the floor with his “superior logic” and exposed him for his lack of critical understanding of the land issue.

Mngxitama owned the #LandDebate and was lauded as a unifier of fighting forces and a leader of black leaders after his historical speech.

This prompted Malema to try and justify why Shivambu ran away, saying he doesn’t want to legitimize BLF.

“We should create our own platforms & debate serious thinkers”, Malema said. Black Twitter called out the EFF for sharing a podium with racist organisations like Freedom Front Plus (FF+) and even giving the Democratic Alliance (DA) political power, yet refusing to discuss the land issue with a pro-black organisation like BLF.

Another Tweep quipped that warlord Robin Renwick wouldn’t allow his Reds to participate. Which is not completely unfounded since the British imperialist revealed the influence he has on EFF decisions in his book. Others have accused the EFF of being ‘sloganists’ who are more equipped on populist rhetoric than having critical sound arguments. One tweep added that it would have been easier for Shivambu to pitch if the debate was about Zuma, that’s all they know.

The BLF President and seasoned land activist, Andile Mngxitama accepted the #JujuVsMngxitama challenge, and even went further to challenge them on any issue of their choice.

With elections around the corner, the BLF Twitter page is encouraging people to #DefendRETVoteBLF and quite evidently, Twitter seems to be catching on.

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