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EFF’s 8th cardinal pillar is don’t debate Mngxitama

By BO Staff Writer

It’s confirmed, Julius Malema is terrified of a debate with the President of Black First Land First (BLF), Andile Mngxitama. Malema seemed to have been so concerned with Mngxitama that he shot a midnight tweet this past Monday instructing the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to never debate Mngxitama. This follows Mngxitama’s highly praised speech during the land debate at the University of South Africa (Unisa).

Earlier that day it became apparent that Julius Malema’s Deputy, Floyd Shivambu, had withdrawn at the last minute from sharing a platform with Mngxitama. This prompted social media to conclude that Shivambu had in fact ran away from debating Mngxitama.

The command by Julius Malema that Mngxitama must be avoided in any debate with the EFF, at all costs, has exposed the EFF President’s fear of an intellectual combat with the BLF President. The #JujuVsMngxitama is gaining momentum with many asking, how can Malema be worried about legitimizing the BLF leader when he has not only legitimised but given black people’s votes to the racist Democratic Alliance (DA)?

Others have asked, why does Malema have difficulty with Mngxitama when he has no problem meeting land thieves including the representatives of imperialism such as Robin Renwick? Social media is abuzz with the suggestion that the only plausible reason for Malema adding the 8th cardinal pillar – “Do not debate Andile Mngxitama” – to the EFF’s seven other pillars, is because of fear. Evidently, the fear of Mngxitama is so widespread within the EFF that the entire leadership is said to have been instructed to insult the BLF President on Twitter.

Mngxitama has in the meanwhile welcomed the #JujuVsMngxitama challenge. He said that this was a necessary challenge which in turn will expose how the parliamentary motion on land expropriation without compensation (LEWC) is a political fraud concocted in London to delay land redistribution. Mngxitama has shared his full speech on his Twitter handle and to this end tagged Malema. He alleges that the reason why Juju would not debate him is because of the power of his argument channelled in his speech.

Memes have also cropped up equating Mngxitama with the satirist Charlie Chaplin who was the nemesis of imperialists and Adolf Hitler. Malema has now gained the moniker “mini Hitler”.

Whether the EFF’s 8th cardinal pillar will hold, only time will tell. BLF supporters are clear. They say that Malema can run but he can’t hide because BLF will be in parliament in 2019.