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Mngxitama is chosen by God to facilitate land return to black people

By Phakamani Sibalukhulu

It is now clear – the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is no longer serious about ‘Land Expropriation’. The last man standing and leading the fight to solve the land issue and taking it very seriously, is Andile Mngxitama from Black First Land First (BLF).

To prove that the EFF abandoned the issue of land a long time ago, they sent nonentities like Mandisa Mashego to the land debate this past Monday at the University of South Africa (Unisa). If they were really serious about this issue their Deputy President, Floyd Shivambu, would not have cancelled his attendance at the debate. In actual fact, they ought to have sent their President, Julius Malema, to lead EFF in the debate so as to show their sincere seriousness about the land issue. Instead of taking up the challenge to focus on this important question of ‘Land Expropriation’, Malema ran to Twitter after the debate and wrote nonsense about Mngxitama.

The EFF sold us out on this issue of land when it allowed itself via Malema to be bought by the Stellenbosch Mafia and used subsequently as underwear by white people!!!

We must commend Mngxitama for remaining loyal to this land issue. We must urge all political parties in the Republic South Africa (RSA) to support this leader so as to to realise ‘Land Expropriation’. I say this even though I am against the ‘without compensation’ part of the resolution of the land issue. I hope however that during the ‘Economic Codesa’ we are going to embark on as RSA citizens and relevant stakeholders, the aspect of “without compensation” will be fully discussed and robustly exhausted.

I hope also that all political parties will allow us to appoint Mngxitama as the champion of this land issue. We must give him the task of organizing this ‘Economic Codesa’ to which current land owners, rating agencies, potential investors, political leaders, traditional leaders, religious leaders, etc will be invited to attend with a view to finding a resolution of this issue.

Phakamani Sibalukhulu is a former EFF KwaZulu- Natal provincial leader.