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Attempted removal of NW Premier Supra Mahumapelo – open letter to ANC DSG Jessie Duarte

Dear mother, our fathers have sold us out. Save us!

Dear Ms Duarte,

I am reminded of your speech at the memorial of Mama Winnie Madikizela Mandela, of how you defended her character against assassination from the colonial masters who seeked her until her death. I was inspired by your courage, a courage we do not see in our NEC and male leaders.

Dear mother, as the only woman in the top 6, perhaps you can understand our plight. The ANC in the North West in under siege, and the agenda is to remove Premier Mahumapelo so that the Province can be the negotiating goat at the elections next year.
In 2014, (I left) my political home to join the EFF for a what we believed was a fight for economic freedom in our lifetime, but it was all a hoax.

In the few months I was in the EFF, I was privy to the negotiations between the EFF and the ANC about the province. In the EFF we saw the North West as the province we could thrive in but there were two problems – Supra Mahumapelo and Jacob Zuma. Mahumapelo had such great power in the province that the EFF could not penetrate any political leadership, until now.

What is happening in the province is a well constructed plan to rid Mahumapelo of all power so that an interim structure can take over the province. The President of the ANC knows that he will not get the numbers in 2019 and will need Julias Malema, who will be the King-maker. Malema will give Ramaphosa the thrown next year; in exchange for our province.

I appeal to you dear mother, come to the branches of the ANC in the province. You will see the love people have for the chairperson. Mahumapelo is not corrupt. That is the teaching of the Thuma Mina propaganda machinery. The chair was democratically elected by us – how can he be removed on unfounded allegations by the ANC’s new leadership without us?

I beseech you dear mother, please listen to the branches. The top 6 and NWC plunder the province into a massacre-like season. Supra has done nothing wrong. This is a sale, bigger than Shanduka, to purge Supra in exchange for EFF’s support. I was not the only person in the province’s EFF leadership at the time – if you ask, the people will tell you.

Dear DSG, tell the NEC to not sell us. We’ve seen enough fires. Do not allow this morass to continue.

Let them leave our Leader.

Revolutionary Greetings Mama.

Obakeng Mothijoa
ANC Rustenburg

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