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Is Malema a CIA agent?

Julius Malema has been feeding the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) information since at least 2007. A leaked secret document, that appears to be a CIA report, shows that Malema had met with a CIA operative in 2007.

Many questions have been asked about Malema and his association with imperialism including with the United Kingdom (UK) major operative, Lord Robin Renwick.

Its a known fact that the CIA and the UK share intelligence sources and agents. This new revelation, that Malema could have been an agent of the CIA as early as 2007, is shocking. Sources, who didn’t want to be named, said that its possible that Peter Mokaba may have been the initial link. Rumours about Mokaba as an agent who was caught and in fact confessed to the African National Congress (ANC) intelligence in this regard, have been making its rounds for a while now.

Its possible that the CIA had planted Malema in the pro Zuma campaign at the relevant time as an investment for later attacks on Zuma. Its a known fact that the CIA and other imperialist intelligence sources wanted Zuma isolated, even during the negotiation process to democracy. How far ahead did the CIA plan? Was Malema part of the plan? Was Malema unwittingly used? Was and/or is Malema a paid agent of the CIA?

The unexplained support that Malema gave to the Democratic Alliance (DA) may be accounted for by this revelation. Furthermore, Malema has written a letter to the ANC of Ramaphosa asking for a meeting to patch things up. Ramaphosa himself has long been accused of being an agent of the CIA. Sources say that the return of Malema to the ANC under Ramaphosa is the most desired outcome for the CIA. This outcome will mean the end of Radical Economic Transformation (RET), as both men are handled by the same handlers.

The many questions raised in this context will be answered only by time. The land expropriation parliamentary motion, at the instance of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), is seen as a smoke screen to justify the toenadering of the two men so as to realise the CIA agenda. In actual fact, there will be no amendment of the Constitution.


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