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Malema’s tender wars in Limpopo gets deadly

By BO Staff Writer

The battle over tenders in Limpopo have left one person critically injured and two others hospitalised. At the centre of the bloody battles is the close ally of Julius Malema who is also the Provincial Secretary in Limpopo of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) – the feared Jossey Buthane. The war is about who must get what tenders. Buthane is said to be Julius Malema’s front to ensure that the former gets a cut of the Limpopo tenders.

Sources say that the EFF through Buthane has set up many front companies that tender for various projects in Limpopo. These EFF linked companies have been enjoying a monopoly over the tenders until the Radical Economic Transformation Forum (RETF) entered the scene.

The REFT is a new political and social movement. It has been aggressively demanding a slice of the tender pie. To this end it has even halted some of the projects. This has threatened the monopoly that the front businesses of Malema has enjoyed for a while.

Buthane has been threatening to “defend black businesses” against RETF, as if it (RETF) doesn’t represent black businesses. Things got out of hand yesterday when Buthane was outmaneuvered in a tender meeting at a hotel. He was heard making telephone calls to EFF members who subsequently arrived in bakkies and started attacking RETF members.

Sources close to the tender wars say that Julius Malema has been putting pressure on Buthane to “deal” with the threat of the RETF which in turn has been eating into the tender share that the various EFF front companies had enjoyed thus far.

RETF has opened cases of assault and attempted murder against Buthane and his gang. A short video shows part of the EFF attack supervised by Buthane.

Many have asked what has happened to the EFF cardinal pillar which promises that an EFF government will end the tender system. Others, including EFF members, have taken to social media to criticize the thuggish conduct of EFF leaders who shed blood for the sweetness of the tender.

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