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Ramaphosa fears Putin

By BO Staff Writer

Cyril Ramaphosa chickened out of an official visit to one of the main BRICS partners, Russia. He chose to hide behind the hapless Deputy President, DD Mabuza. Sources close to the South African presidency say that Ramaphosa is terrified of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, who is known to be a close comrade of former President, Jacob Zuma.

Ramaphosa is said to be worried about the questions that Putin may ask him about his commitment to both Radical Economic Transformation (RET) and the BRICS agenda. Sources also say that Putin may have asked Ramaphosa about the R1.4 trillion so called renewable energy contracts, most of which went to the anti BRICS countries.

Ramaphosa goes to London every second week, but does not have the time for Moscow. Sources say that he simply didn’t have the guts to face Putin. The Russian president went to a bridge opening ceremony and send a minister to entertain the out of depth Deputy President Mabuza. Others say that after opening the bridge, Putin went fishing and ignored the non event of the presence of Mabuza in Russia.

The BRICS agenda is in deep trouble. Brazil is under a United States of America (USA) stooge, President Michel Temer, after the parliamentary coup of Dilma Rousseff. South Africa (SA) is under a USA and British stooge, Ramaphosa, after a parliamentary coup against President Zuma. India is not showing any nerves of steel. We are back to China and Russia as the main block against the USA and European Union (EU) imperialism.

Mabuza must just come back to SA. Hopefully, the Russians will give him a final checkup on his poisoning condition. Better still, it is hoped that he will develop enough balls to publicly thank President Zuma, the Guptas and Russia for saving his life.


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