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Children’s Pledge

By BO Staff Writer

The following pledge was first issued by the National Coordinating Committee of the September National Imbizo (SNI NCC) in April 2014 and subsequently published on the Black First Land First website. It is now reissued by Black Opinion:

I pledge my loyalty to my People.

I will develop myself to the greatest extent possible.

I will attend school, complete matric and strive to educate myself further.

I will learn the history of my People to understand how our land was stolen.

I will learn all that is necessary to serve my People in our struggle for justice, dignity and freedom.

I will keep myself physically and mentally fit by building a healthy body and mind.

I will not take drugs or alcohol which will weaken me and prevent me from protecting myself, my sisters, my brothers and friends.

I will selflessly share my knowledge in order to hasten the process of change.

I will use all my energies in a positive way instead of wasting them in activities such as drug addiction, drug dealing, and gangsterism.

I will never hurt my people for I recognize that we need every child, woman and man to be physically and mentally strong.

I will never allow others to harm the body or mind of any child of my community by any form of abuse whatsoever.

These principles I pledge to practice daily and teach to others in order to unite and develop my People.


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