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ANALYSIS: Guptas 3 – 0 WMC

By BO Staff Writer

The Gupta family is on a winning streak against white monopoly capital (WMC). As things stand, the score board shows that the Guptas have a solid three points lead ahead of white monopoly capital’s nought. Up to now, three High Court matters brought against the Guptas on instigation by white monopoly capital have been decided in favour of the Guptas.

Political parties which are in the pockets of white monopoly capital, like the racist Democratic Alliance (DA) and the London-controlled Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of Julius Malema, were used to push the propaganda that the Guptas have “captured the state”. The white media produced fake news to bolster the “state capture” lie.

The Mail & Guardian and the Daily Maverick have been at the forefront of peddling manufactured emails as solid evidence of state capture. Even books have been written based on the same so-called “Guptaleaks”. Those who had been smeared by the modern day Stratcom have long been saying the emails are “doctored”. On three occasions, High Court decisions have in fact cleared the Guptas. This shows that the highly praised emails are bogus and can’t be relied upon as evidence in a court of law.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has been put under pressure to do anything to paint the Guptas as corrupt, even if they humiliate themselves with arrests based on little to no evidence. The NPA unleashed a media driven asset forfeiture operation, with preservation orders being sought on the basis of lies. As seen from the court decisions, there is no tangible evidence against the Guptas. The preservation orders were not sought for justice but rather political reasons and to humiliate the Gupta family.

The following three cases were recently won by the Guptas:

1. In March, the Free State High Court in Bloemfontein ruled in favour of Atul Gupta and ordered that the R10 million in his accounts be unfrozen. The NPA was ordered by the High Court to return Atul’s money since there was no evidence that it was the proceeds of any crime.

2. The NPA withdrew its application at the Pretoria High Court to have the Optimum mines and Koornfontein rehabilitation funds frozen. Instead, the case was settled out-of-court and the R1.7 billion was simply moved from the Bank of Baroda. Again, clearly showing that there was no untoward activities relating to Gupta linked businesses.

3. The big victory which has left the white media fuming is the Bloemfontein High Court decision which not only returned all the Gupta assets which were captured by the state on behalf of white monopoly capital, but the Judge was scathing on the treatment meted out to the Guptas. The Judge was clear that the preservation order was obtained on false pretences. Basically, the NPA was misleading the court to obtain these preservation orders. The court unfroze the Gupta assets which included cash, luxury cars and a helicopter. The Bloemfontein High Court decision also dealt a devastating blow to the so-called “Guptaleaks”. It is clear that those emails cannot stand any serious scrutiny in court. This court victory exposes the whole “state capture” narrative as an invention by white monopoly capital to divert attention from white corruption.

The Guptas have been persecuted for daring to challenge white monopoly capital and its hegemony over the South African economy. Since Cyril Ramaphosa’s ascendance to power, the abuse of state institutions like the NPA to settle white monopoly capital vendettas has escalated. Luckily, some judges remain a little objective and refuse to be used as tools of white capital.

The Guptas have done well thus far in the battle with a powerful enemy which has captured both the NPA and the top leadership layer of the ANC. White monopoly capital is seething with rage. It won’t rest until it has even subdued the bench.

For now though, it’s three for the Guptas and zero for Johann Rupert and Robin Renwick. Well done to the Guptas!


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