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EFF is funded by Markus Jooste and other shady characters

By BO Staff Writer

Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), is funded by the disgraced Steinhoff and that’s why it’s vocally opposing the Party Funding Bill which seeks to force political parties to declare their funders. Sources close to the EFF’s financial affairs allege the party received R7 million from the corrupt company.

Former Steinhoff CEO and mastermind behind the accounting fraud at the company, Markus Jooste, was forced to resign last year after the company shed more than R160 billion in value after the corruption was revealed. One of the biggest losers in the corruption scandal was the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) which is a manager of South African state-worker pensions.

The EFF has been silent on the Steinhoff corruption which has cost the state R20 billion! The party’s silence on Steinhoff is paid for. The silence of the EFF on the Independent Power Producers (IPPs), which is the biggest white corruption scandal since 1994 is also paid for.

Opening the accounting books of the EFF will shock many, hence it is opposing the Party Funding Bill. In 2016, Black Opinion revealed how the EFF was funded by numerous shady character, including Adriano Mazzotti.

Civil society formations and political parties, including Black First Land First (BLF), are overwhelmingly in favour of the complete disclosure of party funders. The resistance of the EFF on the matter runs counter to its own 7th cardinal pillar, which calls for transparency in dealing with corruption.

The EFF is threatening to go to court to block the Bill. What is the EFF afraid of?Sources say opening the books of the EFF will show a money trail that runs from London to Stellenbosch and Malema can’t risk that.

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