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Shackled injustice: The state and media vs Duduzane Zuma

By BO Staff Writer

He appeared with leg irons around his ankles – a confident and relaxed smile on his face. He is reported to have jokingly said, “I quite like the look.” If you have been to any court in South Africa, you will see many black men sporting the same “look”. From slavery till today, it is a familiar look, black men slumped and shuffling slowly as feet remain tightly locked close to each other.

Duduzane Zuma is accused of corruption and conspiracy to commit corruption relating to an alleged attempt to bribe former Deputy Finance Minister, Mcebisi Jonas, in 2015. Jonas alleges that the Guptas, with Duduzane present, offered him R600 million – which he claims he refused.

Whilst the claims made by Jonas are taken at face value, hardly no one in the media landscape is questioning the fact that Jonas is implicated in corruption amounting to millions in the Eastern Cape. With the help of Thuli Madonsela’s State Capture report, white monopoly capital managed to shift the gaze of the public from Jonas to the Guptas and the Zumas – painting them as the most corrupt families in the country. Jonas’ refusal of the R600 million is taken as truth – with the white monopoly capital media actively painting Jonas as innocent and saintly.

One must ask, if the crusade against corruption is noble and true, why go after Duduzane, while leaving Jonas to live in peace? Duduzane handed himself over to the police, why was he shackled? Was it in pursuit of justice or to humiliate him and create public perception of guilt?

As Xolani Xala noted in an open letter to Jonas in 2016, “the allegations of corruption made against you [Jonas] and three other senior politicians, while you were MEC for Economic Development and Tourism in Eastern Cape, were fully backed up. To this end, the Judge Ronnie Pillay Commission report revealed in chilling detail that you, together with your family, pocketed R200-million of public funds supposed to be utilised to aid the poor. The report said another R250-million simply disappeared from the Province’s public coffers over a decade.”

He goes further to say, “the most troubling incident has got to be your implication in the misappropriation of the Mandela funeral funds. R65-million was spent without following proper procurement procedures. In this regard, funds appeared in personal bank accounts triggering the Hawks investigation.”

Speaking of the corruption in the Mandela Funeral, Public Protector, Busisiwe Mkhwebane said,“As far as the poor planning is concerned, it is very scary, I must say… How do you pay R10 or R11 million without receiving any supporting documents?”


Duduzane was granted R100 000 bail and instructed to hand over his passport. He must first seek permission if he wishes to travel. The prosecution claimed that it wanted a lengthy postponement in order to “finalise” the investigation, even though the case against Duduzane was registered in 2016.

As Black First Land First (BLF) noted in a statement condemning the “reign of terror against the Zuma family”, apartheid “Mass murderers like FW de Klerk are treated with respect and are protected by the same state institutions now persecuting Duduzane Zuma and his father. Self confessed criminals like Adriano Mazzoti are roaming around freely. Markus Jooste is on holiday after corruptly costing the state about R20 billion on the Steinhoff corruption scheme.”

The witch hunt against the Zuma family continues – even after Jacob Zuma has left public office. The family is not even allowed to mourn in peace, after the recent passing of Jacob Zuma’s son, Vusi Nhlakanipho Zuma.

White monopoly capital, using the state and media, are ruthlessly and unscrupulously going for the Zuma family. The gloves are off.

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