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Welcome to Ramaphosa’s Sbali Republic: Gordhan’s former in-law is appointed in the Presidency

By BO Staff Writer

Over the weekend, news emerged that president of white monopoly capital, Cyril Ramaphosa, appointed to the Presidency, Roshene Singh, who is the ex-wife of Pravin Gordhan’s nephew, Ketso Gordhan. On the other hand, Ramaphosa himself went on a presidential visit to Saudi Arabia, but it later emerged he went there with his brother-in-law, sbali Patrice Motsepe. Ramaphosa has also appointed his other sbali, Jeff Radebe, as the minister of energy.

Gordhan: South Africa’s unofficial Prime Minister

After the coup and regime change plot that removed President Jacob Zuma from power, Ramaphosa swiftly reinstated all proponents of white capital back into the cabinet. This included Pravin Gordhan, who is implicated in corruption at the South African Revenue Services (SARS), and who was illegally brought back into the finance ministry by white capitalists like Johann Rupert. Ramaphosa strategically put Gordhan into the position of Public Enterprises Minister, where he is currently overseeing a process of vast privatisation of public entities like South African Airways (SAA).

It has now emerged that nepotism is rife in the Ramaphosa presidency and that there is no outrage about it, because Ramaphosa’s handlers approve of the shady appointments.

Roshene Singh, who was once married to Ketso Gordhan, Pravin’s nephew, is moving to the Union Buildings as chief of staff. She currently works at Luthuli House as elections co-ordinator.

The media and white monopoly capital stooges in the African National Congress (ANC), like Zizi Kodwa, are on a frenzy, trying to protect Singh and in turn, Gordhan. For instance, online news publication, Huffington Post South Africa, which is edited by Ferial Haffajee, calls the legitimate scrutiny around the appointment of Singh a “smear campaign due to perceived ‘proximity’ to Pravin Gordhan – a sexist construction based on a long-dead marriage” and TimesLive reports that “questions are being raised about the appointment”, with no sense of outrage or scrutiny.

Interestingly, these same publications viciously attacked former presidential frontrunner and former African Union chairperson, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma. When she was running for the ANC presidency last year, Dlamini-Zuma was repeatedly called Jacob Zuma’s ex-wife, with the SABC even calling her “mini Zuma”, and there was little to no outrage from the media and the ANC.

Sbali Presidency targets energy sector:

Ramaphosa recently visited Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates where it is said he “raised” R130 billion in investment into the energy sector in South Africa. Ramaphosa’s sbali, Patrice Motsepe, and Motsepe’s business delegation were also present and formed part of the president’s entourage.

Also present was Brian Dames, who is a former Eskom CEO and now the CEO of Motsepe’s energy company African Rainbow Energy & Power. The energy company is apparently focused on the independent power producers (IPP) programme in South Africa – which the government is set to spend R1.4 trillion on and will benefit mostly white-owned companies.

Ramaphosa also brought his other sbali, the minister of energy, Jeff Radebe, along on the trip. He moved Radebe to the energy portfolio in February as one of his first executive decisions after taking over from Jacob Zuma. Radebe speedily moved to sign agreements with 27 Independent Power Producers (IPPs).

The lack of outrage from the media concerning these two stories shows that Ramaphosa has officially opened the flood gates for free looting by white monopoly capital. It is clear that during Zuma’s presidency, the media was used as a tool by white monopoly capital to discredit him, and in contrast, it is now being used to legitimise Ramaphosa.

Imagine if Zuma had gone on a trip with his brothers-in-law? Or if he had appointed his daughter-in-law to a strategic position, what a frenzy the media would be in to expose him?

We are living in the times of a Sbali Presidency! Welcome to Ramaphosa’s Sbali Republic.

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