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The ‘Mokaba, Williamson, Mazzotti, Malema’ connection

By BO Staff Writer

Yesterday Black First Land First (BLF) laid criminal charges against Adriano Mazzotti for tobacco trafficking, money laundering, fraud, corruption, bribery and tax evasions at the CR Swartz Police Station in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. During a press conference that followed the event, BLF President Andile Mngxitama, made the following shocking revelations and conclusions about the ‘Mokaba, Williamson, Mazzotti, Malema’ connection that did not constitute part of the written press statement. Mngxitama said:

Is Peter Mokaba an apartheid spy who was handled by Craig Williamson, who is the business partner of [Adriano] Mazzotti who funded the EFF whose leader is a protege of [Peter] Mokaba? We ask you to join the dots.

Peter Mokaba has been found to be working for the apartheid state. Peter Mokaba’s spy business is written about even by his own comrades. It is said that Peter Mokaba confessed to the ANC. From our evidence President Zuma knows about it, the late Joe Ndlandla knew about this, Sydney Mufamadi is alive and knows about it, and Siphiwe Nyanda knows about it. When we investigated after getting this information we found that in fact in 1997, Patricia de Lille said in parliament that Mokaba was an apartheid spy.  These things were said while Mokaba was alive and he didn’t sue the people who accused him of being an apartheid spy. We now have it on good authority that a former Vlakplaas operative has said that he used to see Mokaba coming to Vlakplaas. These relationships are shocking.

We also know that Peter Mokaba is the political mentor of Julius Malema. On the other hand, Adriano Mazzotti is in business with Craig Williamson and Mazzotti is the funder of Malema. We ask you to join dots. Can we say maybe that apartheid was funding its own project against President Zuma? Can we say that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is a creation of the apartheid project? These questions must be asked through investigations so that we understand what is the interest of Mazzotti to fund a political party. Mazzotti is not a revolutionary – we know that he has a relationship with Craig Williamson. Williamson must be questioned. He’s still alive.

Today we have a problem in South Africa where black political parties (EFF) take the votes of black people and give it to whites in the DA claiming to fight for land when we know that this is a project of white monopoly capital. It is important therefore that Adriano Mazzotti is held accountable. He must confess and explain his relationship with Craig Williamson and tell the nation why he is funding political parties. In fact we ask the question is Mazzotti even legally in SA? His status must be investigated.
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