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London instructs EFF to keep Trollip

By BO Staff Writer

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) were last night instructed by London to keep the Democratic Alliance (DA) in power in Nelson Mandela Bay. This new inteference comes after the majority of opposition parties had agreed to remove the DA mayor Athol Trollip and elect the Patriotic Alliance (PA) councillor Marlon Daniels as the new mayor. A vote was taken by the parties and PA emerged democratically.

The EFF had then gone and issued a late press statement declaring its opposition to the PA candidate being mayor. Sources close to the EFF say the late change of heart was on instruction from London. Robin Renwick wants the DA to remain in power in Nelson Mandela Bay. The EFF has been doing everything to protect Trollip despite singing a different tune in public. Sources also confirmed that London had offered PA money to back off from removing Trollip but the PA leadership rejected the London bribe.

With the new sabotage of removing the DA by EFF the ball is back at the hands of the king makers in Nelson Mandela Bay. Will the PA fall into the trap set by Julius Malema and sulk, thereby achieving the objective of retaining Trollip or will it take another position on the Mayor seat and eliminate any excuse for EFF to keep DA in power?

The EFF is happy to keep the DA in power; that’s the command of London. That’s why the EFF will never remove the racist and unrepentant colonialist DA in the Joburg and Tshwane metros. In these two metros EFF has the deciding vote but will not exercise it against the racist and anti-black DA. This is so because London says so.

Will Trollip be removed? This depends on what the PA does next and whether London will stop interfering in South African politics.