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Malema never wanted to remove Trollip, his target was McKenzie

By BO Staff Writer

Julius Malema never wanted to remove the mayor of the Democratic Alliance (DA), Athol Trollip in Nelson Mandela Bay. Solid evidence has emerged that shows that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of Julius Malema not only agreed that Marlon Daniels of Gayton McKenzie’s Patriotic Alliance (PA) must be elevated to the position of mayor after the removal of Trollip, but the EFF had also signed an agreement together with the other opposition parties to this effect.

Bizarrely after the vote was taken at the EFF offices and the agreement that Daniels would be elected mayor had been signed, the EFF issued a statement late in the evening insulting PA leader McKenzie and saying that they will never support the candidacy of Daniels. This has put the fragile deal for the removal of Trollip by the opposition parties in jeopardy.

In an unprecedented show of maturity and adherence to principle McKenzie towered above the insults of Malema and offered to forgo the mayorship to ensure the unity of the opposition parties. To this end McKenzie made the offer in an open letter to the EFF. Almost five days later, the EFF has not responded to the offer. McKenzie has given Malema until the end of 13 August to respond. Indications are that the EFF will not respond.

The fact that the EFF had signed the agreement to make Daniels mayor and then reneged on that deal shows that the EFF was never serious about removing Trollip. Sources from within the EFF say that Malema only wanted to remove Gayton McKenzie as the king maker in Nelson Mandela Bay so that he (Malema) can extort money from the DA through threats.

Sources also say that Malema is looting the metros where he has given the DA votes to rule. He loots from the distance through tenders. Trollip apparently doesn’t play ball beacuse he has had the protection of McKenzie up to now. Malema’s main objective was to remove McKenzie so that he can become the king maker and bully Trollip for tenders but McKenzie was too smart for Malema.

The question now is, what will the opposition parties do since Malema has now proven beyond doubt that removing Trollip was never his intention? Another question being asked now is, how is McKenzie going to work with the EFF after they backstabbed him so badly?

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