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BLF to participate in PAPI pickets to nationalise SASOL

By BO Staff Writer

The following statement was previously published on the Black First Land First website and is now reissued by Black Opinion:

Black First Land First (BLF) supports the campaign of People Against Poverty and Injustices (PAPI) to nationalize SASOL so as to lower fuel prices.
Historically the apartheid state has been pumping huge resources belonging to the people into SASOL which has not benefited the country’s excluded black majority. To this end Sasol 1 was financed by the state in the late 1940s and the state was it’s sole shareholder. Increasing levies on the fuel price made it possible for construction on Sasol 2 and Sasol 3 to commence in  1979.  Sasol was privatized and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1979. In this regard, the state held 30% of the shares while 70% of the shares was sold to private shareholders (being white monopoly capital) at a huge discount and far below its actual value. Moreover, there was no requirement for private shareholders to take any operating risk in relation to Sasol 2 and Sasol 3.
Sasol, as a South African entity, was established and sustained by state resources (which belong to the people) – effectively SASOL belongs to the people. Sasol produces oil from local cheap coal which is paid for in South African rands.

BLF will be participating in the pickets against fuel price increases led by PAPI which are scheduled for today, 30 August 2018. It is appalling that the African National Congress (ANC) and the main opposition parties have not engaged in any meaningful action to lower the fuel price. The government’s reluctance to resolve this issue, is indicative of it being captured by white monopoly capital.

BLF calls on all to stand in solidarity against fuel price hikes. Join the PAPI campaign to nationalize SASOL, place an immediate moratorium on fuel hikes, and to reduce the price of fuel to R8 per liter generally and five R5 per liter for taxis and busses in particular. Participate in the pickets today. Make a difference! In KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) demonstrations will be conducted at the SASOL garage in Masalabala Yengwa Drive in Durban and The Ridge in Shallcross at 10 am.

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

30 August 2018

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