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Zuma must be praised for refusing to be a slave of the White House (CIA) – BLF

By BO Staff Writer

The following statement was first published on the Black First Land First website and is now reissued on Black Opinion:

The white owned media has revealed with great pride that the United States of America’s (USA) murderous and coup-plotting secret agency is interfering in South African affairs. The Sunday Times reported it as an atrocity that President of the people, Jacob Zuma, refused to take instructions from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Zuma must be praised for refusing to be a slave of the White House but instead, he is being vilified and made into a bad man. It is clear from what the Sunday Times reports that President Zuma was removed from power by the same CIA using its agents in the African National Congress (ANC).

It is treasonous to get former high ranking intelligence operatives going to the media to complain about President Zuma refusing to cooperate with our enemy, the CIA. It is not only a shame but also an insult to the people of South Africa that the likes of Mo Shaik, Simphiwe Nyanda and Gibson Njenje gloat about being functionaries of the USA.

Nyanda must first tell the nation what happened to the former uMkhonto we Sizwe cadre Nokuthula Simelane. Who sold her to the apartheid regime?

It is shocking that the proponents of “state capture” to defend white corruption are now openly propagating the interests of the USA. The CIA got involved in South African politics to protect the USA nuclear power monopoly. The USA has nuclear energy production stations, it even has nuclear weapons but it is bullying the world not to have these and President Zuma is being condemned as corrupt for defending our national sovereignty.

The Zondo commission is being used by agents of the USA to defend American interests vicariously. If Shaik, Nyanda and Njenje have evidence of wrong doing, they must stop snipping on the pages of white owned media and let them go to the Zondo commission so that their credentials as agents of the CIA can be made public.

BLF will continue to defend the innocence of the Radical Economic Transformation (RET) agent, President Zuma. We curse the agents of USA imperialism.


04 September 2018

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