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Radebe refuses to disclose IPP owners to coverup corruption by white monopoly capital

By BO Staff Writer

After Jacob Zuma was removed from office via a coup sponsored by imperialist interests in cahoots with settler white monopoly capital  Ramaphosa ,who replaced him, speedily reinstated advocates of his political agenda into cabinet positions. Ramaphosa  thus declared carte blanche to white monopoly capital to loot with impunity.

In this context, Pravin Gordhan, who is implicated in corruption by virtue of being conflicted, compromised, and captured by white monopoly capital was strategically placed by Ramaphosa into the office of Minister of Public Enterprises where he presides over the wholesale privatization of State Owned Entities like Eskom. It must also be stated that as one of his first executive decisions after taking office from Zuma, Ramaphosa placed Jeff Radebe in the position of minister of energy in February 2018.  Subsequently Radebe, hastily concluded 27 agreements with renewable energy independent power producers (IPPS) on behalf of Eskom.

The Energy Minister Jeff Radebe’s submission yesterday to parliament that the department is bound by a confidentiality undertaking to withhold crucial information about the directorships and shareholdings of the 27 IPPS who concluded deals with the government is contra bones mores – it is harmful to the welfare of the public.

Quite clearly confidence and public trust in public services is being compromised by this confidentiality undertaking. It also offends against the constitutional right of citizens to accountable and transparent  governance and is meant to coverup the corruption of exactly who in the respective IPPS is benefiting from the said deals at the instance of the state. In this way the perpetrators are absolved of criminal liability. Evidently government has colluded with the IPPS concerned to withhold important public service delivery information and data in service of white monopoly capital interests.

On its part, Black First Land First (BLF) has announced that it will be asking the Zondo Commission into state capture to subpoena the Energy Minister Jeff Radebe to disclose the identities all the owners and directors of the 27 IPPS who have entered into agreements with the government. The radical black consciousness movement has also indicated that it will provide evidence to the commission regarding how the deal of R1.4 trillion by the Ministry of Energy – which mainly benefits IPPS of white monopoly capital – amounts to state capture. It will further urge the commission to refer the matter to the National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) to prosecute the perpetrators of corruption and to do all that may be necessary to obtain real justice in the matter.

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