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VBS Heist: has Julius Malema fallen out with Cyril Ramaphosa?

By The Black Eye

If you are holding your breath for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) press conference tomorrow, relax, it’s likely to be a lukewarm affair – Julius Malema is a scared man. There has been a massive fall out between Malema and President Cyril Ramaphosa. The two had been brought together by white monopoly capital to realize “Project 2019”. This project, hatched in London and approved in Stellenbosch, is meant to design a power sharing arrangement where EFF leaders will be brought into the cabinet by Ramaphosa. The first sign of the project was at the funeral of the anti-apartheid stalwart, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, where Malema told this supporters to behave because whether they liked it or not, Ramaphosa was president.

Sources say there has now been a massive fall out between Malema and Ramaphosa. It is said that this is due to Ramaphosa failing to appoint EFF Deputy President, Floyd Shivambu, as the Deputy Minister of Finance as agreed. Furthermore, Ramaphosa has failed to protect the leadership of the EFF against Public Enterprises Minister, Pravin Gordhan. The forensic report implicating Shivambu through his brother, Brian Shivambu, on the collapse of VBS bank is said to be part of the warning shots by Gordhan under instructions from Stellenbosch. The sources suggest that Ramaphosa cut the “Project 2019” deal without getting approval from Gordhan and Stellenbosch.

Malema and co. have been forced to try to fight back. The threat of exposing corruption around the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) by Malema tomorrow is a lame fight back attempt. The sources says Malema will not carry out the threats nor will he reveal anything damaging to Stellenbosch.

Arrests may be eminent following the VBS report and may in fact go directly to the EFF headquarters. As things stand, Malema is on the defensive and is not sure how far Stellenbosch is prepared to go.

The EFF press conference billed for tomorrow may either be abandoned or make a lukewarm affair with no major revelations. According to sources, Malema has a dossier that shows who are the beneficiaries of the R1.4 trillion IPP’s deal. Some of the names include prominent white monopoly capital figures like Johann Rupert. Also implicated is Gordhan and a few members of cabinet including Ramaphosa himself. The balance of forces are such that Malema is scared to make a move on Stellenbosch and Ramaphosa.

It is not clear if London will intervene to bring some measure of peace between Ramaphosa and Malema and save “Project 2019”. The extent of the damage in relations following the VBS warning shot by Stellenbosch will only become apparent tomorrow in the event the press conference happens.

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