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Away with US immigration control policies and racist borders! – BLF

By BO Staff Writer

The following statement was previously published on the Black First Land First website and is now reissued by Black Opinion:

Thousands of people from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – in search of securing livelihoods that their United States (US) imperialist backed countries have denied them – are steadfastly bound for the US. President Donald Trump has threatened to unleash the US military and the federal border authorities as well as stop aid to the Central American Nations because they failed to stop their people from marching to the US.

Black First Land First (BLF) strongly condemns immigrant control measures which effectively preserve the privilege of the ruling class by restricting the movement of the impoverished people of the world and their access to the available opportunities and resources in wealthy countries.

Historical legacy regarding immigration controls suggests that the said controls are not meant to just keep out refugees and migrants, they serve mainly as a weapon to divide the people by fueling hatred towards foreign nationals within the national borders of the country or state concerned. In the case at hand its an opportunity for the Trump administration to establish even more rigid immigration controls machinery mainly to divide and therefore control the poor especially the working class. Accordingly, immigration controls of capitalist countries like the US amount to racism against both prospective migrants as well as migrants already living and even working within its boundaries. Hence any new legislation or action to tighten immigration controls will be presented by the Trump led US government as a response to immigrants taking the jobs and other benefits of the nationals of the country. From unemployment, to poverty, to lack of decent housing, to crime – the migrants will be blamed for all the ills of capitalism that are brought to bear upon the people of the US.

In this way the ruling classes of capitalist countries in general, aided by the mainstream media which it owns, influences public opinion in favor of tighter immigration controls so as to divert dissatisfaction away from itself as the real cause of the problems and direct it towards migrants instead.

Trump’s declared tighter migration controls – which includes the denial of asylum, detention and deportation of migrants that in turn is based on false claims that the migrants are the cause of all the problems of capitalism – is nothing but a ploy to garner support in the run up to the forthcoming general election. Ultimately, Trump will have to prove that he will be tough on immigration so that he is returned to power.

Moreover rich people, multinational companies and other white monopoly capital entities already exercise the right to free movement which they use to extract resources, shift capital, exploit labour and enslave people. Capital should be controlled and people should be freed not the opposite! BLF calls for the dismantling of borders.

For the peoples bearing the brunt of fascism and racism, including the migrants who seek to secure the necessities of life, a resolution of the immigration controls problem suggests challenging the very foundations of capitalist imperialism that gives rise to the problem itself.

In internationalist solidarity BLF calls for an end to racist border enforcement policies and to this end the dissolution of the borders which force migrants to risk and even lose their lives trying to migrate. We say that acceptable standards for workers’ rights and a universal minimum wage would go far in facilitating this. Also casting away illusions and preparing for real struggle is indispensable in this situation. This ultimately necessitates fighting imperialism to take back the country so as to make it fully responsive to the people’s needs.

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)
23 October 2018

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