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The Oppenheimers in parliament – Juju ran away and got drunk

By The Black Eye

The ultimate representative of white monopoly capital (WMC), the Oppenheimer family, was in parliament on Tuesday and the leaders of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) were nowhere to be seen. They sent a lone low ranking member of parliament (MP) to warm the benches and smile at the powerful duo, Nicky and his son Johnathan Oppenheimer. Sources close to the EFF say that their leader Julius Malema was so distressed and terrified of the Oppenheimers coming to parliament that he ended up taking comfort in the bottle.

Basically, Malema chose to get drunk to drown his fear of the Oppenheimer family rather than be in parliament. The EFF has been quiet on the brazen corruption and state capture by the Oppenheimer family. Last year they marched hand in hand with Sipho Pityana, the proxy of the secretive family against President Zuma. Malema, who was also part of the Oppenheimer and Johan Rupert agenda to remove Jacob Zuma from power, was willing to cooperate with extreme anti black right wingers like Freedom Front Plus and AfriForum via it’s labour wing Solidarity.

The ‘Zuma Must Go’ campaign was approved and funded by the Oppenheimers amongst others. Johann Rupert was more public about wanting Zuma out while the Oppenheimers operated from the background and in total secrecy through proxies like Sipho Pityana.

Many have been asking where was Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu on the big day? The appearance of Nicky and Jonathan Oppenheimer in parliament was a historic moment. The Oppenheimer family is the most powerful capitalist family in South Africa. They own the country and are historically linked to Cecil John Rhodes by the love of diamonds. They are the heirs of the notorious De Beers Mines which made a fortune through land dispossession as well as the super exploitation and death of black mine workers. Their prized company is Anglo American plc which is a multinational mining corporation.

Malema took to the bottle because like most African National Congress (ANC) MPs he is in the pocket of the Oppenheimer family. The quid pro quo is that political parties will defend WMC in exchange for money. It is no secret that almost all the main political parties are funded by the Oppenheimers. So when the money bags came to parliament, charges against WMC took cover. It was left to the radical Black First Land First (BLF) to confront the Oppenheimers and demand accountability.

The Oppenheimers have been involved in open corruption and state capture. They went directly to Luthuli House to demand that the ANC give them their own private international airport within the O.R Tambo International Airport. They didn’t even go to a government department. This is corruption and arrogance. The ANC in turn guaranteed the family its own private international airport.

See video of Julius Malema drunk at a nightclub via the link, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tHbCrd5gQgs or here