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Facebook, Twitter & Google are instruments of control, not freedom – BLF

By BO Staff Writer

The three tech giants, Facebook, Twitter and Google operate with the utmost political bias against Black First Land First (BLF) and its leadership more specifically its President, Andile Mngxitama.

They act to suppress the radical voice of BLF. This point has been made by the revolutionary black consciousness movement repeatedly in the past two years, especially against Facebook and Twitter. The three technical companies on their part swear that they strive for political neutrality. They claim to curb white supremacist messages including videos and print on its sites.

More recently after discovering that Google’s YouTube has removed a video – titled ‘ #MngxitamaHomecoming rally!’ with the link, https://youtu.be/rdZd7U-ghPA – of a speech delivered by the BLF President in which he responded to the incitement of violence on blacks by Johann Rupert, BLF’s focus turned to Google’s unequal application of its rules on its users.

‘In the YouTube video footage Rupert is blatantly saying he has his own army and that the taxi associations are his business partners and therefore his private militia. He further intimates that anyone who affects his interests will be subjected to taxi owners violence. He is threatening to unleash black on black violence’, BLF said.

Also, ‘[w]hen Mngxitama responds to Rupert’s threats of violence so as to stop a genocide on black people, YouTube removes his content that was uploaded on its site. Google via YouTube is thus promoting Rupert’s incitement of black on black violence via its site. We can see that Google is applying its rules in an uneven and unfair manner in terms of what content it should allow and what it should block on YouTube’, the movement remonstrated.

There are most certainly privacy implications of Google’s practices of data-collection that span a variety of services, not limited to Google Search, Gmail and off course the Android mobile operating system. This week Google indicated that its actions adversely affected the data of some 52 million people who used its social networking service. Here its algorithms and business practices are questionable.

‘Clearly these high tech companies serve as instruments of control, rather than of free expression, in favour of white supremacist interests’, BLF stressed. The internet is a tool to preserve and perpetuate the capitalist imperialist power structure. Users are also constantly subjected to the search algorithm of Google choosing losers and winners ahead of a country’s elections.

Evidence of Google’s violation of free expression is there for the world to see. Moreover the issue of Google detecting and tracking the movements of its users and others is of great concern.

BLF further said that Google’s search engine operates in favour of white supremacist interests and that its Android smartphone operating system collates data, including information on users’ locations, and uses this to its advantage.

Mngxitama has also been subjected to numerous ‘suspensions and bannings’ imposed on him by Facebook and Twitter. BLF vowed it will conduct tough oversight over Google’s practices and demanded the immediate upliftment of the ban on the video #MngxitamaHomecoming rally! ‘Freedom of expression and self defence are fundamental rights’ it said.

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