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Mazzotti orders for Malema and Zille’s fake divorce

By BO Staff Writer

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, is expected to announce a divorce with the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Johannesburg and Tshwane metros soon. This development follows a meeting between the handlers and funders of the EFF recently.

Sources close to the leadership of the party say a secret meeting was held recently in London between Adriano Mazzotti, Johann Rupert and Lord Robin Renwick. The meeting resolved that the EFF must be ordered to fake a break up with the DA so that black people can vote for it again.

The three white men are known to be the financial backers of both the DA and EFF. Sources say Renwick is worried that the coalition between the EFF and DA will cost the EFF in the polls because many black voters believe the EFF sold out to whites by giving its votes to the DA.

Renwick is still holding out for Project 2019, which is a coalition government of the ANC, DA and EFF. Renwick believes that such a coalition will be best government to safeguard British interests in South Africa. Mazzoti and and Rupert on the other hand, dont trust the ANC and are therefore gunning for a DA and EFF coalition in Gauteng, Limpopo and North West. But for such a coalition to materialize the EFF must fool black voters by faking a break up with the DA before the elections and then giving the DA votes again after the elections.

The fake break up between Malema and Zille will be announced immediately. Malema will pretend to criticize the DA so that black voters believe he has broken up with the DA. However once he has sufficient votes to be king maker, Malema will give Zille black people’s votes again. Sources say the EFF leadership is paralyzed because Mazzotti, Rupert and Renwick have pumped lots of money into their election campaign.

It is said that the EFF has over one million T-shirts already printed and has enough money to buy advertising space in newspapers and television networks. This money comes from the trio who have decided to join hands to ensure the DAEFF coalition continues after 2019 elections.