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The matter of assassination plots

By Andile Mngxitama

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) yesterday released a statement on the planned assassination of Julius Malema during Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Thursday night. In terms of the statement the said assassination was planned to be executed during the “moments of chaos” when the party would have been removed from parliament via “parliamentary security”- which didn’t occur.

The right wing, including its international support terrorist groups, are forever plotting the assassination of black leaders that they consider to be threats to white interests. Often intelligence reports are passed on anonymously to warn such leaders. It’s not always easy to establish the authenticity of such reports. I have in the past forwarded one such report to Julius himself when it came to my attention. Black First Land First (BLF) received an anonymous report in December last year alleging plots to assassinate leaders of both BLF and EFF.

I dont think we must take these reports lightly, but at the same time we must not turn them into political convenience to cover for the lack of revolutionary commitment. These plots must not be used to divert attention from the political crimes of accomodation with the real enemy, which is white monopoly capital (WMC) represented politically by both the Thuma Mina project and the racist Democratic Alliance (DA). Selling out should not be oiled by selective manipulation of the right wing plots.

The accommodation with Thuma Mina is another right wing ideological slide, not any less than giving political power to Helen Zille. Revelations of right wing plots cannot be used to turn the gaze away from such a sellout position. It doesn’t make sense to say that Ramaphosa was not disrupted because there was a plot to take out Julius. In fact, knowledge of such a plot should have provided the basis to expose it publicly and express the danger of infiltration of the parliamentary security detail.

I can imagine the exposure: “Honorable Speaker, I raise to bring to the attention of the House an assassination plot against the leader of our party. Speaker as we sit here, there are people waiting to assassinate our leader and are planning to use the occassion of our possible eviction from the House to carry out their evil plan.

Speaker, the most concerning fact is that the assassins are right here within parliament. This information has been shared with the Minister of Police.

Speaker, we ask for your protection.”

The matter would be public. And the plot wouldn’t be used to try and justify the bromance with Matamela.

The right wing is serious, but so too is selling out.
The email regarding the assassination plot against Malema and me in the run up to the 2019 elections  is pasted below:

‘From: NagVanLangMes <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2018, 19:05
Subject: Assasination Threat against Andile Mngxitama and Possible Coup against Government
To: [email protected] <[email protected]>


For immediate release: 27 December 2018
Undisclosed Author,


In the light of recent revelations brought to surface by insiders, questions have been raised about claims stating that rogue Defense Intelligence and SSA spooks as well as high ranking SANDF generals are deep cover white far right Boeremag and Israel Visie members who are conspiring to overthrow the ANC government by utilizing black networks using a weapon system stolen from a local arms dealer, NGAM (New Generation Arms Management).

The fracas commenced when NGAM legally imported the weapons into RSA under a legal Armscor procurement tender which they won to supply the South African Special Forces with an assortment of weapons. The consignment of weapons for NGAM for demonstration purposes included the deadly Dillon Aero M134D Gatling gun which when loaded with armor piercing rounds coupled with its rapid firing rate in excess of 3000 rounds per minute can decimate almost any armored vehicle currently employed by the SANDF and SAPS. The brute stopping force of this weapon would mean that South Africa’s most important national key points which are Parliament and the Union Buildings can be seized within minutes after an assault is launched by right wingers. Any reactionary response force from the SAPS and SANDF will be quashed within moments.

This is not the first time that right wingers have attempted to plunge South Africa into a state of anarchy. In retrospect, on October 30 2002, the Boeremag detonated 8 explosive devices on the main railway line in Soweto. Later in November of that year, 27 Boeremag members were caught in the possession of 1 ton of explosive compounds. During their court appearance thirteen of the Boeremag members brought the court to a halt by proclaiming that the ANC regime is illegitimate.

During another court sitting, one of the self-confessed coup plotters, Deon Crous admitted that they were planning to assassinate then president Nelson Mandela in Tzaneen, Limpopo where he was to open a school for rural children. The assassination plot failed only because President Mandela arrived in a helicopter instead of a vehicle convoy as initially expected.

Moreover, the question remains as to the strong possibility that the Boeremag could be linked to the recent spate of sabotage attacks on Metrorail trains and infrastructure in the Western Cape which have paralyzed Metrorail since 2017. There is no other plausible explanation other than the intention of sparking widespread chaos and lawlessness on the Cape flats. This follows suite after the 2002 railway bombings in Soweto launched by the Boeremag.

The right wingers who herald from all folds of life are imbued by their fanatical belief that South Africa is their promised land according to their interpretation of certain old testament bible passages, and are driven by their fear that the ANC government will expropriate their ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ under the highly controversial land expropriation bill. Insider information reveals that they are hell bent on launching a coup to prevent land expropriation and to install a new ‘Volkstaat’ government modeled after apartheid policies. Not only this but they have shifted their focus to compromise and to recruit black networks to do their bidding. Many of the former “Impimpis ” of the pre-1994 dispensation are to be found in the RSA Parliament and even the Cabinet!

The list of names provided by informants include high ranking SANDF generals who herald from the old Apartheid SADF. As well as a controversial figure named Willie Lotter, in August 2015 Willie Lotter was arrested by SAPS in a sting operation after he was found being in possession of a sophisticated Israeli manufactured cellphone interception device known as a ‘Grabber’. In a recent post circulating on social media it was revealed that Willie Lotter is the leader of the fanatical Israel Visie Right Wing group it also states that Lotter was previously a gold smuggler for the Apartheid regime in which the National Party smuggled tons of gold out of South Africa the during the 80’s and early 90’s. The post further claims that Lotter was recently involved in a fraudulent asset recovery operation which sought to recover the gold bullion and assets of slain Libyan Leader, Muammar Gaddafi. The gold bullion which is worth billions of dollars is reportedly being warehoused at various locations in South Africa, informants have revealed that some of it is being housed at the Phalaborwa Special Forces base where it is being guarded by Special Forces troops at the behest of Special Forces Top Brass who are also purportedly members of the Boeremag and Israel Visie. Lotter it has been said is reporting to Jesse Duarte , one of the ANC’s top 6. Why would one ask could this be possible. Simultaneously Lotter works from an Intelligence Office in Sandton and is known to be working with a CIA agent, Keith Forre. Is the CIA part and parcel of Lotter’s strategy to create mayhem in South Africa?

Despite being the notable leader of the Far Right Israel Visie group, Willie Lotter is also reportedly working for the South African State Security Services out of an office located on the 5th Floor at Sandton Towers in Johannesburg. Lotter’s side kick , P W Bekker , a CIA agent on his very own version currently resides at a CIA safe house in Mooikloof. Apparently Lotter plans on using the stolen Gaddafi assets to finance the right wing coup operation against the South African government.

Since 1994 the South African authorities have foiled innumerable right wing coup plots and executed dozens of arms cache seizures. Only after the death of Former President Nelson Mandela in 2013 were South Africans made aware of an incident which occurred early in 1994 just before the watershed elections in which Former President Nelson Mandela was taken hostage by a contingent of at least 90 heavily armed men of the AWB’s elite Ystergarde (Iron Guard) unit at a hotel in Beaufort West. In another case the Former Head of the Presidential Investigative Task team, Major General André Lincoln revealed in 2017 during a court hearing that he foiled a right wing assassination attempt on Mandela which was to be carried out with a customized sniper rifle during his inauguration in 1994. He further expressed his dismay at the fact that the investigation was blocked at all levels by officials with links to the right wing elements. These cases among many others should have made global headlines and drawn the ire of the South African public yet like many other incidents of this nature the media failed to report on it, therefore indirectly abetting right wing elements to operate in the periphery of the public’s scrutiny and knowledge.

It has become clear that the Right Wing Elements who operate in the shadows of South African society pose a far greater risk to national security than the much maligned radical Islamic groupings. At present the South African authorities are willfully glossing over the reality that the right wingers are mobilizing themselves for a bloody final stand off against the South African government. The greatest concern is the continued presence of right wingers in the various branches of government. These people all link up to various Intelligence Agencies – CIA and MI6. For what reason should one ask. It must be remembered that it was the CIA that outed Mandela to the RSA government whence he was captured.

Over the years the right wingers grew more sophisticated and specialized, we now witness their influence staining the ranks of the SANDF, Armscor and the NCACC along with their black Askaris. At the centre of this new attempt by the White Right Wing to launch their most sophisticated coup attempt since the dawn of Democracy is the Dillon Aero M134D Gatling gun which is classified as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. After the legal importation of the Gatling gun into South Africa, a chain of events followed which have baffled many legal minds.

In a dramatic turn of events, the Gatling gun was seized under questionable circumstances during an operation which was fraught with irregularities by the RSA authorities. Erasmus has since gone public by speaking to numerous media outlets regarding the incident. Earlier in 2018 he captured the attention of South Africans and people across the world on social media when he appeared on Black Excellence News Network in a live interview where he disclosed the chicanery of corrupt state officials who have conspired against him after he fulfilled his side of the tender procurement bid. The interviews have since gone viral reaching nearly 1 million views.

Up until today Erasmus has not been paid for the tender and his business NGAM has suffered indelibly and was subsequently liquidated based on falsified documents issued by the NPA despite the fact that the Hawks stated that there was never a case opened against him in the first place. Furthermore, irrespective of Armscor not disbursing the outstanding payment to NGAM, Erasmus is still denied access to the weaponry and has vociferously raised his concern about the whereabouts of the Gatling Gun. According to him this fast firing gun has certain technology on it which a lot of people would like to have access to.

In an article posted a few years ago by local media in South Africa, Erasmus revealed that the infamous ‘Battle of Bangui’ which took place in 2013 in the Central African Republic could have been swiftly dealt with had the South African troops been issued with the Gatling gun. Due to the non-delivery of the Gatling Gun to troops on the frontline, 19 young black troops of the SANDF was killed by the ravenous Seleka Rebels who outnumbered the SANDF troops by the thousands. Of course the Major responsible for the majority of these deaths due to his negligence was never prosecuted but instead received a medal on the insistence of the Chief Of the SANDF.

The cloud of uncertainty surrounding the whereabouts of the Gatling gun and the fact that its end use is now at the prerogative of rogue bureaucrats who have links to the far right is the culmination of many years of planning by right wingers who have amassed an extensive cache of weapons. This includes such bureaucrats at the NPA as well as the SANDF.

It appears that the initial request which was issued for the Gatling gun by the South African Special Forces was a veiled attempt by its right wing linked top brass to obtain the weapon for the purpose of advancing the interests of the right wing who are planning to overthrow the government.

The following list of weapons seized from Right Wingers by Local authorities are just the tip of the iceberg of what remains in the hands of Right Wingers such as the AWB, Boeremag, Suidlanders and most troubling Israel Visie which is headed by the aforementioned Willie Lotter.

*January 2002, SAPS seize 16 ammonium nitrate bombs, dozens of homemade grenades and thousands of round of R1 and R4 rifle ammunition at a farm in Modimolle, Limpopo.

*November 2002, SAPS seize 26 ammonium nitrate bombs in Keimoes, Northern Cape.

*November 2002, SAPS seize numerous machine guns and ammunition in Umtata, Eastern Cape.

*In 2010 SAPS seized 10 000 rounds of ammunition, large quantities of TNT explosives, dozens of hand grenades and commando uniforms from the basement of the Worcester Magistrates Court. The head of security at the court, Mr. Frederick Rabie was arrested and it was later discovered that he was a member of the infamous Suidlanders group which planned to bomb black people at soccer stadiums during the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup.

* In 2010 SAPS an undisclosed amount of explosives, firearms and ammunition from the home of a right wing leader in Pretoria. SAPS later revealed that the weapons were to be used on Township dwellers during the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup.


The South African government has allowed itself to be infiltrated by right wing elements who are now destroying the State within like a Trojan Horse.

Insiders have further revealed that there are talks within certain right wing inner circles to assassinate EFF leader Julius Malema and BLF Leader Andile Mngxitama in the run up to the 2019 elections. The aim is to have the two sides finger point each other for the assassinations which could inadvertently foment black on black violence. With this the right wingers would have a smokescreen while they execute their coup against the government.

It is with the utmost exigency, that the South African government embark on drastic measures to prevent the White right wing groups from getting their hands on the Gatling gun and arrest the leaders of these White Supremacist Right Wing Groups.

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Andile Mngxitama is the President of BLF