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Is EFF captured by MI6?

By BO Staff Writer

Cyril Ramaphosa silenced the noisy Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of Julius Malema by pointing out that there are rumours implicating them as agents of the MI6, formally known as the Secret Intelligence Service. These rumours follow the secret meeting that the EFF leaders attended in London with the British establishment in 2015. Lord Robin Renwick has confirmed in his book that he met the EFF at the request of the group. This suggests that the party may have already been handled by the British intelligence agency. Otherwise, why would an organization that claims to be socialist want to see the representative of the Queen?

EFF returned from London a changed organization. It no longer focused its attention on fighting white monopoly capital (WMC). Instead, it turned on the enemies of WMC and started the Zuma and Gupta must go campaigns. It also abandoned its threats to occupy ABSA. Instead it marched with the racist Democratic Alliance (DA) and pro right wing formations against Zuma in defence of Pravin Gordhan.

The rumours of EFF being handled by the United Kingdom (UK) were intensified when the party gave political power to the white supremacist DA in the strategic Metropolitan cities like Johannesburg and Tshwane. The EFF is unable to explain these bizarre moves. Add to this the fact that after its return from London, the EFF denounced both Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe, and the claims of it being captured by M16 become plausible.

The EFF has not released the footage of its meeting with the British establishment and colonialists at Chatham House despite promising to do so. Ramaphosa has fired the warning shot and the Reds have scattered into silence. Questions won’t stop until the EFF explains why it sought a meeting with the representative of the Queen, Lord Robin Renwick, and why it gave political power to the racist Helen Zille.

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