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BLF asks EFF to cut ties with Johann Rupert

By BO Staff Writer

The following statement was previously published on the Black First Land First website and is now reissued by Black Opinion:

Black First Land Firdt (BLF) is not surprised by the media reports linking the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to Johann Rupert. Already in 2016 Julius Malema had openly asked for money from Rupert to help remove President Zuma from Office. It is not a secret that the EFF had asked for a meeting with the representative of British imperialism, Lord Robin Renwick, in 2015 in London.

BLF has warned time and again that once Stellenbosch is done with President Zuma with the help of the EFF, it will turn against them. The timing of the book and the revelations by Johann Rupert, that he has been a sponsor of the EFF, shows that Malema and company who were used are now being discarded. They are no longer needed.

The revelations and verbatim admission by Rupert as reported proves another claim by BLF – that the top three parties in parliament represent the interests of white monopoly capital (WMC) and not the people. How will those sponsored by Rupert ever expropriate his land?

BLF calls on Julius Malema and his EFF to cut its ties with Stellenbosch and London and join the revolution. The first step to rehabilitation is to tell the landless the truth about the deals and money given to the EFF by imperialism and Stellenbosch. The next step is to ask for forgiveness and to thereafter join the revolution so as to end the rule of WMC in South AAfrica.

The revolutionary truth can set the EFF free from the scandal of being paid by agents of Johann Rupert.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)
21 July 2019

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