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BLF doesn’t respect Constitutional Court judgement against Public Protector

By BO Staff Writer

The following statement was previously published on the Black First Land First website and is now reissued by Black Opinion:

The majority decision of the highest court of the land today is an affront to justice and the rule of law. The Constitutional Court has practically left the nation without protection against the systemic bullying by the wealthy club of South Africa (SA), headquartered in Stellenbosch. The majority decision of the Court to compel the Public Protector (PP), Busisiwe Mkhwebane, to personally pay the cost of the cases brought against her decisions, is nothing short of pandering to the powerful and punishing her to dare rule that ABSA must pay back the money and that the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) must serve the people instead of the Stellenbosch Mafia.

The court delivered a bizarre judgement which, if its logic and consequence is applied fairly, would mean that judges must pay the costs in cases which gets overturned by the higher courts. This travesty is well articulated by the dissenting judgement. Not only that, the dissenting judgement shows that there are reasonable grounds to conclude that the High Court was not measured in its decision.

Black First Land First (BLF) believes that the majority of the Constitutional Court bench had entered the political arena. To this end they shared the outrage of white monopoly capital (WMC) against the PP, who dared call for the reform of SARB and for one of the big five banks to pay back the money stolen from the people of SA.

The Constitutional Court today has proven beyond doubt that it stands with the ruling class, just like the majority of the judiciary does. After this decision, it will be next to impossible to sustain confidence in the judiciary.

The majority judgement cannot claim ignorance of the ongoing difficult decisions made by the PP against the President for what amounts to a brazen case of state capture and money laundering involving an amount in excess of R44 milion. The President is under a dark cloud as a result of the PP’s findings. This Constitutional Court decision strikes us as revenge against the PP for her findings against ABSA, SARB and Cyril Ramaphosa.

BLF still stands by the truth that ABSA must pay back the money and SARB must be transformed. We call on the public to protect the PP. It is the responsibility of all to assist the PP to pay the unjust costs so that she can continue to do her work without fear or favour.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)
22 July 2019

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