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Who Is An Illegal Immigrant In South Africa?

By Botsang Modimo-wame Moiloa

Yesterday, Thursday 1st August 2019 marked exactly one week since I penned a piece below registering my sadness regarding how the Tshwane Metro Police Department sang praises for confiscating what is termed illicit goods. I had shared the piece with one WhatsApp group that I belonged to named TNF and with someone who I trust in correcting my English as she writes better slavery language that me. I did not post the piece on my social media pages, especially Face Book, as I always do, because I felt I did not do justice to the piece. However with the recent developments in Johannesburg, we still maintain the racist colonial name yet we want to claim that this country is liberated and belongs to us. I am of the view that I should share what I questioned last week. I should also remind my people and those who read what I write and hear what I always say that we are a ticking bomb.

This is what I had to say about Tshwane …

I heard on the news and saw on social media how the TMPD is being praised for a joint Law Enforcement Operation with Brand Makers and other Law Enforcement entities which in my unconfirmed opinion, possibly included the Customs Law Enforcement unit. Being a Rebel With A Cause who hardly follows the common path and narrative, I asked myself who does this initiative benefit?

Indeed in my area of work and interest, Law Enforcement is important and I am known to be one of the corruption busters in SA. I despise corruption unless it benefits the poor and punishes the imperialists. I am also clear on what is corruption, what is crime and what is a revolution. Now, in a nation crippled with drugs, corruption, poverty, unemployment as well as the heavy reliance on imported goods – when fake, illicit and counterfeit goods are produced by whomsoever and wherever, how do they impact on the lives of the landless poor black people?

If I buy a fake Gucci belt, a fake Michael Kors watch, fake Adidas Sneakers, and a fake Armani suit, how does that negatively affect the poor people when all the real items from these brands and goods are produced abroad and benefit the Capitalists and Imperialists? I know many would say, ‘but these brands and retailers pay taxes and those taxes feed the nation’. Utter nonsense. I challenge all of you to go and check SARS records and look at the percentage of import taxes vis a vis VAT and PAYE. I am not in anyway promoting importation or production of illicit goods. I am merely saying the very same companies with brands that are being faked, are failing to help fight the evils of unemployment, poverty and human safety in our country yet they are quick to make resources available for helping to put away a Black human life who is trying to come out of poverty and eat. Having said all that however, I humbly request that my statement be read with apparel only in mind as it does not include illicit health and food goods as those have an impact on the lives of human beings especially the poor Blacks who are fed poisons like GMOs and fake booze. I am talking about my imported silk ties and suits. We even import dishcloths or washing rags made in China for goodness sake! Why can we not produce these locally?

Again Black people, when you look at how nyaope is killing our youth in Tshwane and how Sunnyside has become a heaven for drug sellers and pushers, WHY would we as a nation or as Tshwane the Administrative Capital City of the Republic of South Africa, put super resources on defending the brands and companies which have zero impact on our lives, yet we do not do the same or at the same super levels to clean up our areas infested with drugs? Areas like Olivenhoutbosch, Winterfeldt, Laudium, Sunnyside etc? Are we saying the Brand companies who add no value to us are more important than seeing our youth being destroyed by drugs, unemployment and poverty? Yes in Tshwane the Metro Cops were hailed as they safely guarded security and brand agents of multinational companies. But is Johannesburg, I shall write the name in full so as to hammer this mental state of neo colonialism on the heads of our people. It is a different story as the cops faced attack.

The Johannesburg story …

Before I even state my position regarding Msawawa, Pitseng, Golden City, Diponeng, allow me to humbly as an Afrikan man take this moment and THANK THE SAPS AND Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) for not shooting and killing Afrikan men and women who were pelting stones and all sorts of objects at them. I hear many cry Diplomacy, Human Rights, Lawlessness etc. Yet all those crying would be singing a different tune if the cops would have retaliated with fire. The behavior of the police should be commendable and it should be more praised because they faced attacks from our own Afrikan/Black people. SALUTE!

Now to all those who say the attackers or those selling illicit goods are undocumented, illegal Afrikan (Black) immigrants from above the Limpopo – tell me if it would have made a difference if it was illegal, undocumented, pink/Caucasians from across the Indian, Atlantic or Pacific Oceans? Let us for now go with the noise and claim that only Afrikans/Blacks were involved in these illicit sales and purchases and they are here illegally, filthy and all the things we call them. Are we saying the whites/caucasians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Bangladeshi and everybody else including those from mars are here legally/documented – that they can trade and do as they wish and their goods are not illicit?

In my history and reality books, all business people in our country are illegitimate, illegal, unjust and everything else that we regard Afrikans as. The Europeans came here through colonialism, slavery, murder, and apartheid. All these are declared crimes against humanity by the United Nations. They made laws and used those oppressive laws to occupy our land, enslave our forefathers, murder us and oppress us while they were legitimizing their stay in Afrika and South Africa in particular. Now, how do we arrive at a point that says European settlers who came here with Dromedaries, Reyger and Die Goede Hoop ships are legitimate? That Chinese and other Asians who came here with tour ships or jets to recolonize and control are legitimate, and Afrikans who walked, jumped the Lebombo river infested with crocodiles or came any other how to come and live with us and share with us whatever we have are illegal and illegitimate or undocumented? Europeans, Americans, Chinese and Asians came here robbed, killed, oppressed and continue to do so – THEY LEGITIMISED THEMSELVES AND LEGALISED THEIR WAYS – we accepted, yet we fail to do the same for ourselves.

Most of the clothes we wear are made in china. Even the branded and designer ones are made in china. Now the system we are forced to live under tells us that these goods are OK when they are bought at white owned stores, china malls and town and sold at other controlled places. However they are illicit when they are bought at or sold at places owned by Black people. Fong Kongs have been legitimized but Afri Kongs remain illegal in Afrika. As Pan Afrikanist, I think Cape to Cairo and Morocco to Madagascar. NOT CAPE TO MUSINA AND MAHIKENG TO ETHEKWINI – HELL NO!

With the above being sad, I conclude by asking in a crime ridden society, why would we use our police scare and strained resources to guard the mini interests of the imperialists and capitalists when our women are raped and killed daily in the country. How come a Soshanguve manufactured nyaope is not an illicit product but a China produced Puma/Nike is so illicit that it deserved police attention. What can a fake Nike do to harm a shoeless child than what nyaope does? Are we having our priorities correct? Do we love ourselves as Afrikan people? Does South Afrika belong to all who live on it the same way the Freedom Charter has prostituted our land?

Only Indigenous Africans Are True Afrikans, All Others Are Immigrants


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