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Primary vs Secondary contradictions again!!!

By Andile Mngxitama

If you haven’t figured out the difference between primary (antagonistic) and secondary (non antagonistic) contradictions, you are going to waste too much time fighting the wrong battles.

In South Africa (SA) the primary contradiction is between white supremacy (WS) and black oppression. White Supremacy is the rule of land thieves who arrived in SA in 1652. In the economic sphere WS presents itself as white monopoly capital (WMC).

From the primary contradiction springs secondary contradictions such as:

– tribalism (Xhosa vs Zulu, Xhosa vs Sotho, Afrikan vs Indian, Afrikan vs Coloured, etc);
– patriarchy (conflict between the black man and the black woman etc);
– homophobia (prejudice or dislike of homosexuals);
– afrophobia (SA blacks vs Nigerians or Zimbabweans etc);
– competition between black political parties (ANC vs EFF, EFF vs BLF, BLF vs AZAPO, PAC vs APC etc).

If you study the primary contradiction well, you will see it breeds the secondary contradictions. Anyone who focuses on the secondary contradictions is de facto assisting the primary contradiction. For instance when you call the Democratic Alliance (DA) which is a party of land thieves “the better devil”, it means that you either don’t understood the distinction between the primary contradiction and secondary contradictions or you are simply a sellout.

The secondary contradictions can be resolved by dialogue, education, restorative justice, compromise, unity and understanding. The primary contradiction however can only be resolved by the defeat of the enemy.

Steve Biko has already done the most difficult work to help us organize our understanding. He spells it out in Hegelian terms:

Thesis (white racism) vs Anti Thesis (black solidarity) equals Synthesis (justice). Without this guide by Biko we are lost.

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF)